God Dance Fantasy is a new JRPG that is coming to Steam on March 22nd

Wangyuan Shengtang has announced that its latest JRPG, Faith of Danschant, will come to the West on March 22nd. The Western version of Faith of Danschant will be called God Dance Fantasy and will be priced at $29.99.

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kalkano192d ago

Surprisingly, it actually looks like it might be worth a play. That Engrish description, however, doesn't exactly fill me with confidence on how well the translation of the actual game will be done. Still, I'll keep an eye on it.

porkChop192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

Yeah the translation might suck. The description was really poorly translated, and even the name. Faith of Danschant sounds way better than God Dance Fantasy. No idea why they changed it to something so generic sounding.

The game does look cool though, so I'll keep an eye on it.

kalkano191d ago

Yeah, or at least GoG. It looks like it's Steam-only right now. I'm not going to pay them for it if I can't own it. Maybe I'll get a pirated version first, make sure it runs, then pay them for a legitimate copy.

SegaGamer191d ago

Look's really good, i can't see why they didn't just call it Faith of Danschant though. God Dance Fantasy sounds stupid.

Steveoreno1191d ago

Whoa where did this come from. Combat system looks fun. I will keep it on my radar.