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GamerKnights reviewer Joe has done an in depth review of the new "Bayonetta Collection" for the Nintendo Switch. Bayonetta Collection contains Bayonetta 1 and 2.


"Bayonetta is an impossibly proportioned witch – an Umbra Witch to be exact – who is looking for the ‘Eyes of the World’, a pair of gemstones that have time-based abilities I never quite grasped. Bayo and fellow Umbra Witch Jeanne, enemies turned frenemies turned jolly old chums, fight for it against the powers of Heaven whilst utilizing the powers of Hell, and there’s some mention of Purgatorio and other Divine-Comedy-inspired buzzwords. If I’m being perfectly candid, the story doesn’t make much sense – or it does and there’s just not much to it. Honestly it flits between those two extremes on a dime. I played through the story about four times way back when, and I never quite grasped it completely, and revisiting the original game all these years later doesn’t really seem to help. Maybe it’s because it was all a little convoluted, maybe it’s because I was too busy gawping at the countless splits Bayonetta was pulling off."

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