PcAdvisor: Mesh Stylus 9800GTX review

PcAdvisor Writes:

"Yet as a discreet lounge PC, the Mesh Stylus 9800GTX has one obvious shortcoming, and that is one of noise. Unlike some stealthy systems that use more subtle passive cooling, Mesh has this compact computer fitted with a total of five cooling fans - two for the 500W HEC power supply, one chassis-mounted close to the hard drives' bay, one fitted in the graphics card, along with the main Akasa CPU heatsink-cum-fan unit over the processors.

In performance terms, there's little to fault in this compact PC system, with its speedy dual-core processors and gaming graphics card. But as a home media PC solution, some people will just find the fans too distracting from the business of enjoying music and film soundtracks."

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