PUBG Xbox One performance still isn't good enough

It's been three months since Playerunknown's Battlegrounds arrived on Xbox One and Xbox One X. What was immediately clear was that PUBG's console implementation had profound issues in many areas: presentation was lacking, textures possessed severe streaming problems and frame-rate was sub-optimal. Three months on and there have been improvements, but performance, key to the PUBG experience, is still lacking - and the developers agree with us

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DarkVoyager273d ago

My goodness this game is a technical disaster. Epic and Fortnite put this game to shame.

DeadManMMX273d ago

That game was made over six years pubg is still in early access and has only been on console for a few months and is still a blast. The shame is a game abandoning its original gameplay to blatantly ape another developers game.

SoulMikeY273d ago

“Abandoning its original gameplay” huh? You gonna act like there’s not still a big ass community on Save The World?

Also, the more people that do this gameplay, the better. It’ll either force pubg to get their shit together, or make them drown. Early access should’ve been free.

shloobmm3273d ago

There isn't a big community on Save the World. That aspect of the game was a massive flop for Epic.

generic-user-name272d ago

Call of Duty and Battlefield both have deathmatch modes! What an outrage, so much apeing.

arkard272d ago

If your game is early access but you charge people to play it, it gets the same judgment as other games that you have to buy.

rainslacker272d ago

Fortnite hasn't abandoned its original game play. They just added a new mode, which was borne from another game, but it's not like MP games don't borrow modes from other popular modes on other popular games.

In any case, it's quite likely that people play more than just the one game play, so in this case, Fortnite has more to offer.

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darthv72272d ago

People know this but it doesnt seem to matter. They are having fun regardless. How many games can you really say that about today with how critical gamers are?

Kumakai272d ago

Not even. PUBG isn’t even finished yet. When it leaves game preview is when it will matters because it will be a v1.0 finished product at that point. It’s also funny how people say fun is more important than performance yet the haters say fortnite is better because it’s performs better and is more polished (pronounced finished). The thing is though PUBG offers far better intense, stressful, fantastic gameplay that fortnite just doesn’t deliver. And PUBG still has many updates to come before its finialized on Xbox.

yomfweeee272d ago

PUBG is already available to the masses and has already peaked. It isn't going to recover.

hulk_bash1987272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I got it for my Xbox One X for $20 last month. Due to the current performance issues, its difficult for me to play for an extended period of time. It's in early access so Im sure the devs will iron out all the kinks, but I dont see myself playing alot of it until then.

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Cy273d ago

It's still in early access and it's improved since launch. It'll get there. People just need to be patient and remember that early access doesn't give you a finished, polished product.

Rude-ro273d ago

Say that about ark? Still runs worse than this on Xbox one.

ThinkThink273d ago

Aren't those two different developers?

Rude-ro273d ago

Two different developers...
Same results currently on the same hardware for large open world style maps/game...
I am just saying... either it will be in early access for a long time... or eventually just get small improvements and call it a day like with ark.

UCForce273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Hmm, I remember PUGB said that they already left Early Acces.

Edit : @Fishy Fingers I see.

Fishy Fingers273d ago

On PC, not Xbox. Even the store states “Game Preview: Game is unfinished and work in progress, may change over time”.

ThinkThink273d ago

For pc, yes. Just recently made its way to early access on console. I believe the final game is set to release for xbox early next year.

MegamanXXX273d ago

It's not good enough on PC as well imo

DethWish273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

It's not performing good anywhere.
I already said this way before it released on xbox, having played it on pc. Its great fun but its buggy and laggy as hell. I think console gamers expect a higher quality, on pc it was fine but it was never ready for a console release and still isnt. Even worse, the devs seem to prioritise new features over bugfixes and optimisation. Tl;dr: I prefer fortnite

chuckyj1273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

"PUBG Xbox One performance still isn't good enough"

PUBG is still only released in "GAME PREVIEW" build and hasn't been officially released as it is still in beta form and getting better with every update... Once the performance is "Good Enough" maybe it will be officially released...

Are people not smart enough to actually realize what game preview section means on the Xbox One? Selling over 5 Million copies while only available in "Game Preview" section and only released since Dec (about 4 months) is terrific sales...

Fragnum272d ago


"Are people not smart enough to actually realize what game preview section means on the Xbox One? Selling over 5 Million copies while only available in "Game Preview" section and only released since Dec (about 4 months) is terrific sales..."

I haven't seen one person here write anything about sales in the comments?

The point of the article is that Digital Foundry have stated that the games performance is not up to scratch, and the developer has said that they agree with them, nobody has mentioned sales so I'm not sure what point you are trying to make?

chuckyj1272d ago

Of course... It's in the GAME PREVIEW section... It's not an official release.

Fragnum272d ago (Edited 272d ago )


I understand what You're saying about game preview, I get that and I agree with you. But that was not what I asked, and is a ad hominem response - just like your first statement.

I asked the reason You were talking about sales, what does 5 million sales have to do with the current gameplay performance of PUBG?

sprinterboy272d ago

Then don't charge money for it, you say it's in beta form. Last time I checked beta was free. Sorry, don't get me wrong it's look fun and I'm looking fwd to playing it some day, but this is what's wrong with gamers today, 5m supporting a buggy game, they released it early not to miss the boat yet gamers have shelled out £30 here in the UK to play a bug fest, that can't be right for the gaming industry as this will now more than likely continue the trend of devs releasing early access games which don't actually work that well.

Razmiran272d ago

You charge money, you get reviewed with same standards as games that charge money
Simple as that

rainslacker272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Any game that is available to the public is up for scrutiny. Preview or not, if they're charging for it, then it's going to be judged harsher than if it were free. Some consideration should be given if it's cheaper and in a preview status and people will continue to receive updates to eventually get the "full release" version, but ultimately, if a person doesn't feel it's up to standards, then it isn't good enough to them. Others may have different feelings about it, and some people aren't as forgiving just because it isn't considered "officially released".

Consider that SoT is going to release at $30, and since PUBG costs the same, shouldn't it be held to a $30 standard? SoT doesn't appear to be a buggy mess, and apparently will have a lot more content than even the fully released PC version.

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