Gears of War 2 Pre-orders Surpass Original

Pre-sales for Epic's cover-heavy action sequel Gears of War 2 (360) have surpassed the total pre-sale orders for the original Gears of War, publisher Microsoft has announced.

Based on these figures, Microsoft declared that the Xbox 360-exclusive sequel is now "poised to become the must-have video game this holiday season."

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Fishy Fingers3684d ago

Nope, not seeing the 360 now has like 2-3 times the install base it had then.

sonarus3684d ago

Has more to do with pre orders for a new ip vs pre orders for a well established franchise.

NO_PUDding3684d ago


I really don't expect this game to be the system seller MS wants it to be.

It's not....

Gam713684d ago

its not fable 2?

cos if you lbp i don't think thats a system seller either.

kindi_boy3684d ago

it was a system seller for me ... and almost 90% of the people i know and i know alot of gamers. some of those people the ONLY game they have since the release of the first gears is gears and they STILL play the online part.

i actually bought my copy before buying the console it self.

this game is much much much better game than Halo will ever be.

PS3 Kills 3603684d ago

WOW!! They have a total of 24 pre-orders now?! OMG STOP THE PRESSES!!! :O

LBP rapes this. GG.

Cell procecseer + blueray = 360 dead in da water.

Gam713684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

really? you think lbp has more pre-orders?

ok then.

Hey maybe one day we'll see the cell in action.

thank god for a specialist cpu and a gpu built specifically to complement that.

I do realise the cell is specialist but thats for multimedia.


just have to tell everyone that i read the comment below as i was drinking and laughed so hard a bit went up my nose.

Hey the cell might be that powerful (it's not just sony hype) shame you have a crap gpu that won't be able to keep up when the cell starts to get used.

3684d ago
3684d ago
Gam713684d ago

wow he post that yet i'm the one who had perfectly fine comments deleted and bubbles taken of.

wake up mods. They must have made nasim one.
This is a ps3 site.

AAACE53684d ago

While I believe every game is an aquires taste... To me Gears 1 was an OK game! I don't think it was great in any way, but it was entertaining. I have noticed people on my friends list who have never really stopped playing it, and some are playing it now to get ready for the new one.

People like what they like and I respect that! But I still like CoD 4, and alot of people have moved on to other multiplayer games. Maybe I just didn't play it for 3-6 hours a day like some and got bored with it quickly, but to me it is still entertaining. Or it could just be that people are all attracted to different things.

Anyway... Keep a lookout for 007:Quantum of Solice, for some reason I think this game will be great! I am glad that it is not getting alot of hype, because it can catch gamers off guard. It seems like it could be as much fun as Goldeneye, and have some of the modern tweaks in gameplay like Rainbow six: Vegas, with the graphical speed of CoD 4!

If my comment sounds stupid, you should look into it! I had almost 0% interest in this game until I started looking into it.

Oh yeah... look into FarCry 2 as well!

(Back on topic) More than likely I will be picking up Gears as well, because it did offer a different experience than alot of shooters did. And to be honest... cutting somebody in half in multiplayer and hearing them b***h about it after the match, never got old!

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Why should I care,it's not like I'm going to play Gears of War instead of LittleBigPlanet!

demolitionX3684d ago

i will be waiting for you sackboy on 10/21/2008
gears WHO?

fufotrufo3684d ago

how does it feel being minority?

Gam713684d ago

was there any need to post that?

do you feel better now?
here's a tissue for you. Now make a lvl out of it.

running rampid3684d ago

it was bound to exceed the first game in pre-orders at some point.

Radiodread3684d ago

ps3 fanboys are so damn dumb, it's so funny.

Mwaan3684d ago

I hate standing in long lines.

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