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"The ability to easily create relationships between Libraries is one of the most powerful and intuitive features of Bento 2. By dragging a Library or Collection to your layout, you are able to establish a relationship. For example, a Darts Meet Events Library could have a relationship to the Address Book Library. Then you could select individuals from the Address Book as those who are invited to a specific Darts Event. The related individuals would show up in a table on the Darts Event layout. A button at the bottom of the table lets you view the details for a selected individual in that table. All without having to know what a Unique ID field is!

The capabilities and power of Bento 2 far exceed the scope of what we can cover here. When it comes to creating and managing personal information no other tool comes close. We found that Bento 2 was not only productive, it was actually fun to use. You'll find yourself looking for reasons to create new Libraries of data in Bento 2.
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So much power, ease of use, and fun wrapped up in a package that goes for only £29 makes this a very easy choice. Anyone can use this for managing personal information and possibly even small business-related information."

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