Square-Go: Multiwinia review

Square-Go Writes:

"Each game has an ultimate time-limit of between 5 and 15 minutes, again depending on the mode and map chosen. While it makes sense in terms of keeping the game fast and simple, it occasionally became frustrating when you sense ultimate victory (or can feel yourself creeping back from the brink of doom after a decent power-up) and the game runs out of time.

Having said all of that, Multiwinia is a game which offers something for almost everyone, from the hardened strategy fan, through to the more occasional gamer. The game's style and appeal is unique and promises to create a loyal following for many years to come.

The forthcoming release of Darwinia+ for Xbox Live Arcade (which combines the original game, plus Multiwinia) could bring a legion of new fans online and extend the lifespan – and scope - of the game yet further.

OK, it lacks a storyline and there's no unlockable, new mega-weapons or chapters to reach in your epic quest, but for short, sharp multiplayer blastathon, Multiwinia is hard to beat."

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