Square Enix Sale is Live on Humble Bundle

This sale is a great way to get the Tomb Raider 1, 2 and 3 re-masters extremely cheap amongst other great games.

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TheShreddertron243d ago

Managed to get TR 1-3. Can't wait for the remaster versions.

solvemymaze243d ago

Excellent :) Personally I went for Just Cause 3 XL. Well worth it if you like games that you can blow a lot of things up in.

solvemymaze243d ago

I'd say it's pretty damn great. ROTR 20th Anniversary is £40 on Steam, but £11.87 on Humble Bundle. Can't say fairer than that.

GamingPeasant243d ago

Could be better? If you mean in terms of prices then I doubt you'd get better than this. Unless you went to a dubious key site. If you mean selection of games then perhaps there could be some more.

Harkins1721243d ago

Yes. Lightning Returns, FFX, FFIX could all be way cheaper.


Thanks for this, got mysel Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider GOTY.