War Thunder on Xbox One Features Crossplay with PC; XB1X To Eventually Get 60FPS Performance Mode

Gaijin confirmed to Wccftech that War Thunder's upcoming Xbox One release will feature crossplay with PC (but not PS4 because of Sony). The Xbox One X version will get several enhancements over PS4 Pro, including a 60FPS performance mode later down the road.

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ccgr249d ago

Great news, I love cross play support

Obscure_Observer248d ago

And the great support for the X will not stop! :)

SpaceRanger249d ago

I’ve played this game so much since it launched on PS4 a long while back this gen. Hoping it plays well on the older Xbox ones as well.

shloobmm3248d ago

it does. It released on them first and was already silky smooth before it ever hit PS4.

SpaceRanger248d ago

It being silky smooth on PC doesn’t mean it’s silky smooth on the original Xbox One as well. People tend to focus on the X all the time forgetting that 90%+ of the Xbox fanbase is on original hardware.

travestyj248d ago

War Thunder was on PS4 long before it was on Xbox.

WilliamSheridan249d ago

Cross Play is huge for these smaller games with lower install bases. Allows them to survive.

Aenea248d ago

"smaller games"? Isn't this very popular?

sampsonon248d ago

very very popular actually.

TekoIie248d ago

Especially popular in Russia. Although it's still good because it means quicker matchmaking times.

WilliamSheridan248d ago

Oh yeah? So tell me. How big is this game?... In Russia?... How big

Slurms249d ago

Why is everyone so quick to blame Sony for denying cross-play? They should remember that last gen Don Mattrick kicked a puppy, and Phil Spencer was the one that dared him to do it.

cd1249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

Warthunder has had PS4/PC crossplay for years but it ain't all good news - aimbot cheats ruined the tanks mode some time ago.

Slurms249d ago

You're right, PS4-Xbox play would be better for competitive games like this.

KaiPow249d ago

Cheating is still rampant? That's a shame..

slavish0248d ago

Its 2018 and don's NOT there thats why

Slurms248d ago

Your problem is you are not thinking of the children. Children can play safely with people using Playstations, PCs, iPhones, Android phones, or basically anything. But NOT filthy Xbox owners. That'd be awful.

Kiwi66248d ago

Maybe because of the fact that when it comes to crossplay between Xbox One /PS4 its Sony who say no as told by numerous Devs, so why shouldn't they be blamed as they are the ones who keep coming with excuses as why not even when Devs want it

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