Microsoft, CD Projekt, Square Enix, Bethesda, EA, and Many More Already Confirmed for Gamescom

The organizers of Gamescom have announced the names of the first exhibitors that will be present at the European trade show in August 2018.

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Xenophon_York269d ago

Since this site is relatively balanced when it comes to a plethora of nations represented—particularly European—I've a question for that area.

Does Gamescom being only a couple months after E3 cause the Europe-based event to be less spectacular? Or, do you all mostly see Gamers com as being bigger and/or better than E3? Seems to me it would be like eating an expired MRE after feasting at SubliMotion.

XtaZ269d ago

I can only speak for Norway, but for us E3 is THE biggest and best gaming event of the year that everyone is looking forward to the most with highest expectations. Gamescom is indeed a little less spectacular since a lot of the stuff shown there is often "old" news.

Xenophon_York269d ago

Does Sony do any PlayStation Experience events in your country? Here, for the past couple of years anyways, Sony actually rents movie theaters to stream the main event from Los Angeles to. Tickets are free, but go quick.

XtaZ269d ago

No, not that I know of at least. We had one PlayStation Experience event back in 2003 and that's pretty much it.

Ausbo269d ago

They will surely have a big Paris games week instead

MasterCornholio269d ago

Last year they were at Paris Games Week instead. From what I've heard it was a pretty nice conference.