Analysis: Capcom, Namco, Square Bosses On The Future Of Japanese Gaming

As part of a high-profile Tokyo Game Show business day panel attended by Gamasutra, the heads of Japanese gaming giants Capcom, Namco Bandai and Square Enix sat down to discuss the worldwide financial crisis, the increasingly global nature of gaming, and the position of Japanese video game companies overseas, with honesty and candor in full effect.

Following an extremely blunt keynote from Yoichi Wada about Japanese game leaders' faltering position on the worldwide stage (if not the local one), a Nikkei BP moderator sat down with Square Enix's president Wada, alongside Namco Bandai boss Shin Unozawa and Capcom head Kenzo Tsujimoto, and spent an entertaining 45 minutes discussing some of the major obstacles to Japan's growth on the world stage.

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