DMC Was An Under-Appreciated Masterpiece

DMC: Devil May Cry was originally released in January of 2013. It suffered a painful marketing campaign as the Devil May Cry faithful slated the game’s new look and re-imagined world. There was still no escaping the fact that, after Devil May Cry 4 - things were getting a bit stale. It was clear to see Capcom was running out of ideas for the adventures of Dante. In the end, the re-imagined world of DMC was exactly what the franchise needed.

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-Foxtrot248d ago

Lol like hell it was

It was a step back of the franchise in every way, the fact it got good reviews still amazes me today. Not to mention the team were ass hats to hardcore DMC fans

Swiftfox247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

A step back in every way? Really?

From what I can tell the game was written well, a solid aesthetic, accessible,fast and deep combat system and a solid sense of humor.

The team were ass hats to Devil May Cry fans? How? I mean if there was a hard edge to them surely that's understandable when you're told to revamp a character by your bosses and you get death threats. I mean that always brightens my day at work~ I'm always a very friendly and amiable person when my life and family are threatened.

Princess_Pilfer247d ago

It was not well written. It was written as what 30 year olds (in 2013) thought 13 year olds found cool at the time, ditto the humor. "Fuck you" back and forths where one ends by throwing up all over the place while screaming and spray paint made of squirrel semen isn't funny, it's dumb. It's low effort shock humor at it's worst..

The combat isn't deep at all, actually. The color coding simplified/dumbed it down, and so did the combo system not having a time limit.

No like, in game. On multiple occasions they took in game opportunities to point out things from the old Devil May Cry and say "fuck that, that's stupid." They actively antagonized the fanbase. (including the overwhelming majority of the fanbase who *didn't* send death threats.)

It ditched all the campy humor that made DMC 1 and 3 amusing, it dumbed down the combat for no reason (the old games already had easy modes where you could more or less just hack though everything,) it totally destroyed the core of Virgils character, new Dante is a jackass who makes unwanted advances on the witch lady. It's just awful in general. The actual combat is decent, but it's inferior to Bayonetta which came out 4 years earlier, and to DMC 3 and 4, which are older still.

Concertoine247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

Its obvious that DMC and DmC have their priorities elsewhere. To say that DmC has deep combat (or even fast combat) is so wrong, compare it to DMC 3 from ten years earlier and its night and day. The game didnt even launch with 60 fps OR a lock on button - remember. Also - the plots of hack n slash games have always been campy and over-the-top between the old God of War's, Bayonetta, etc. DmC is an exception in that it tries too hard with its Fox News parody and Dante working for the equivalent of Anonymous (ugh), like everyone is the world's bitch except for our super cool asshole protagonist that sleeps naked in a trailer.

I can see that the fans were dicks too sometimes - but the creators didnt even stick to their guns. Look at DmC's debut trailer and the dante characterized is totally different to the one in the game which they obviously re-wrote more in the vein of old dante.

DivineBliss246d ago

Hit the red enemies with the red weapon, hit the blue enemies with the blue weapon. Yea, "deep combat system"

NapalmSanctuary246d ago

"A step backwards in every way" is a bit harsh. It did actually do platforming better. That said, the gameplay was boring, the characters were obnoxious and the writing was pretentious as hell. Not to mention the colors were headache inducing at times.

chrisx248d ago

its DmC and it's an abomination of a game compared to the real DMC. nothing masterpiece about that game. I hope the next one will be a real DMC game.

360ICE247d ago

When you say "the real DMC" you mean 3, right? There's no contest that Dmc was better than 2

NapalmSanctuary246d ago

DMC3 is king. DMC4 could have been if the dev team was allowed to finish it, but its actually kind of impressive what they were able to deliver with only a year dev time.

isarai247d ago

I always thought is it didn't have any reference to Devil May Cry it would be highly praised. Is it a good Devil may cry game? HELL NO! but it's got crazy amounts of style and it's gameplay is a cut above most.

PhoenixUp247d ago

Just because it was a good game doesn’t make it a masterpiece

Gardenia246d ago

Yeah I enjoyed it. Wasn't the best in the series but also not the worst

360ICE247d ago

I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but it was a solid game. The fans seem to completely forget that not all the Dmc games were DMC3. DmC was good, but cheesy, DMC2 was broken and DMC4 was good, but had a boring main character and forced you to retrace the entire game.

It's a great franchise. Not a religion. And Dmc was a fun take.

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