Star Wars Battlefront 2 Next Big Update Changes Progression

From PlayStation Universe: "The Star Wars Battlefront 2 next big update changes the progression system, which has been subject to much scrutiny due to its “pay-to-win” mechanics."

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OB1Biker275d ago

A shame it took so long since I already maxed up what I wanted and moved on to other games,, probably many other gamers too. Good effort though.
I wonder if people (I.E. the press pulling the strings?) are still going to refer to this game as the devi! of MTs like a scapegoat.

OmnislashVer36275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

It was the devil of MTs. They've changed it but most of us don't care anymore. They pulled some crap for two games in a row now.

Maybe I'll pick up BFIII

If I have nothing to play in 2019 that is.

frayed274d ago

I mean, I think it's fair to say it 'was going to be' the devil of MTs. They removed all paid MTs before the game launched due to the backlash. Ironic.

But the damage was done. I think it's fair to say it represents one of the worst examples of how loot crates and MTs can ruin in-game progression systems. Even after they stripped out the paid components, what was left has a poorly designed system with hardly any logical linear progression. No wonder it wasn't satisfying to play.

OB1Biker274d ago

'They removed all paid MTs before the game launched'
Ironic indeed.

-Foxtrot275d ago

*Looks at Ni No Kuni II and Far Cry 5*

Yeahhhhhh...too late guys

InTheZoneAC274d ago

This is a change for better, but don't be a sheep and praise EA as we should've never been in this position from the start. EA is tied to greed over games instead of games in a business for gamers. Buy all EA games used from now on to make a point.

_-EDMIX-_274d ago

Seriously you can't keep endlessly attacking a publisher even when they're literally reversing decisions for the better at some point you're going to see some of these Publishers literally choose not to do anything because of comments like this, they might literally believe it's going to do nothing so do you really want them with that impression that nothing they do will change your opinion? How does that help the industry?

so I'm not saying what these people did was correct but trust me if this company was as evil as you guys keep trying to portray to be they would never even be changing these features in the first place.

Tru_Blu274d ago

You have to be on EA's payroll to even try and defend them. Ok they changed it because the backlash but they aren't going to abandon it. They have said themselves they see games as a service and we all know what that means, games designed from the ground up to involve MT's. Honestly if the industry crashed it be for the best as the way most games are built today suck, I went from buying 10+ games a year down to 2 or 3 because it's shovelware with MT's for the most part.

_-EDMIX-_274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

tru- it has nothing to do with defending the publisher as much as it has to do with recognizing that multiple Publishers I've actually been doing this in some form and you cannot keep attacking users as being on the company's payroll simply because their opinions differ from yours.

You're basically trying to say to not attack them somewhere else someone must be paid by them or something but you have to understand it's not as if these games are just being sold to just nobody clearly somebody is purchasing these games and holds a different opinion of the publisher for them to keep selling these units in the first place.

So keep in mind they're not even the first publisher to speak about games as a service whereas Ubisoft in Microsoft that said similar statements at the end of the day I don't believe that means somebody should 100% completely demonize and attack them at every turn.

I'm not saying to love microtransactions I'm not even saying to love Electronic Arts simply you cannot actually keep attacking the publisher even when they reversed policies because many of these Publishers might see it as reason not to reverse policy.

Because it's very difficult to understand if somebody hates Electronic Arts because of microtransactions or because of these policies or because they just on a bashfully hate the company which actually means we're guardless of the policy itself you would hate the company so when the company is reversing these actions and you're still hating the company that actually makes a lot of your points invalid.

It would be like saying you hate the company regardless of their actions which doesn't help your point and ironically hurts it.

rainslacker274d ago

If they change their ways in the future, then good on them. I don't believe it's right to give criticism or feedback, then continue being mad when they're trying to do the right thing.

Not that EA is there yet, since we don't know what they'll do with their next big release, or how they'll change up their game design or release paradigms, but one has to realize they have to start somewhere.

_-EDMIX-_274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Absolutely agreed so the way I see it is even with someone like me who always has some sort of grievance with Publishers like Capcom Nintendo Microsoft what you those Publishers can easily get my money when they start changing.

So people need to understand even with my criticisms with Publishers like Capcom Nintendo or Microsoft if they produce a fun game I'm going to buy it even with everything that I've said in the past because I do not make my purchasing decisions based on emotional reasons or personal biased with the publisher because the only thing that could bother me with the publisher is bad games the second they produce good games they have my money again.

So the way I see it is even my dislike for Nintendo could only go as far as them not producing specific series the way I like they're always going to have my money the second they start to. It would be like my personal issues with Capcom with Resident Evil 5 and 6 of course I dislike the way they treated those games but of course I bought Resident Evil 7 because they were reversed those ideas and brought it back no different than say go with the Sonic series as those 3D games were just horrible but Sonic Mania had my money day one because the publisher recognize the other way wasn't working.

It doesn't mean I should hate Capcom Nintendo Microsoft or any publisher for life it simply means that when those Publishers begin to change then of course my opinion of them must change as well because it actually questions many people's Integrity on this site if they're going to hate a publisher regardless of actions.

So of course I was mad at the way that Battlefield 4 turned out because it was rushed at launch but how can I stay mad at the publisher when they delayed hardlines to make sure it worked correctly? Mass Effect Andromeda? I was angry when we had to pay for season passes but how can I still be angry when Titanfall 2 and Battlefront 2 all have free downloadable content for life? I'm sorry but we need to start keeping our anger towards the policy and not Ironclad towards the company because I don't think many of the people on here realize how invalid their arguments become when they begin hating the company regardless of policy change.

It simply means you never even liked the publisher it's a really high voice regarding the issue I'm sorry but I can't just hate all Publishers even the ones I talked baf about can have my money if they change.

Sokol274d ago

I still occasionally play the game and it's good to hear it's getting loot boxes sorted out finally.
I bought the game when it was on sale and enjoyed the single player potion.

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