WoW Will Add 1M In 12 Months - Analyst

Edge writes: "World of Warcraft will add another big chunk of subscribers on top of its 10.9 million strong player base thanks to the upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, one analyst reckons.

"We expect a net addition of ~1 million new subscribers to World of Warcraft over the next 12 months, driven in part by the launch of the expansion pack, as well as by ongoing growth of the game in China," said Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian in a Tuesday research note.

Wrath of the Lich King launches November 13."

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iceice1233689d ago

A million more Chinese gold farmers.

moe843689d ago

Yea, because all gold farmers are Chinese.


MANCREEP3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Your brilliance has once again left me in stiches. Funny stuff pal, funny stuff.
(not sarcasm either)

But seriously, I have a some friends that work for Blizzard(Austin, TX) and believe it or not, 99% of the gold farming is coming from Chinamen. Lol. Its a hilarious stereotype, sure, but its even funnier when its true.

Jinxstar3689d ago

Why no mention of how many they will lsoe since WAR came out. thats 750,000 of their potential customers already playing another MMO. It's been out less than a month too.

moe843689d ago

Well, we aren't sure if all "750,000" players of WAR are from WoW. Then again we aren't sure if it is actually "10.9 million" players of WoW either. And not just "10.9 million" copies sold.

Completely off topic and not related, I'm sort of skeptical of how much success WAR will have. After all a lot of players are bored with it already. *shrug* Time will tell.....

Jinxstar3689d ago

No man I get what your saying hence the "Potential"

I'm playing it and it's "fun". Key word there. Is it amazing and beyond my wildest dreams and stomps WoW. Not at all but then again to many it is. The PVP is a lot of fun. The PQ's and exploring is worth while and the set up is just great. It's not for everyone but like I say as long as you have a PC that will run it and the money to spend the only person being hurt in not trying it is "You"(Not you directly but whoever the person is)

Anyway Thanks for the reply. Game on bro!

Cheeseknight283689d ago

Most of the people I know that are playing WAR also have WoW accounts.

Personally, I'm thankful for the competition. Maybe WoW will get public quests now; seeing how WAR borrowed so much from WoW it's only fair that Blizzard returns the "favor".

Jinxstar3688d ago

@ Cheeseknight. You have no idea. The guys at Blizz created WoW to pay Hommage to Warhammer in the first place. mythic have been making MMO's long before WoW and if anything WoW stole a lot more from them.

Gun_Senshi3688d ago

having played MMOs since Ultima Online, I can tell you that WoW is a very veyr very bad mmo. Its user base is due mass appeal, casual and too simple and can pick up and play.

I tried WARHAMMER online.....its the worse thing I played.

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Pain3689d ago

lets wait and see if that dream comes true...only thing will happen is players will come back grind to cap then leave for the other gamers, just likle what happened last Exp.

WoW= babys first MMO, go drown your selves.