The Conduit Voice Talent Announced

High Voltage Software today officially revealed the Hollywood voice-over cast of their exciting first-person action shooter, The Conduit...

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BrotherNick3632d ago

OMG, Kevin Sorbo of Hercules is doing the voice acting for the terrorist. That really doesn't make me want to get it any less. :P

Product3632d ago

announce the publisher already!

M_Prime3631d ago

yeah.. announce it already!

but wow they put a butt-load of effort into this game

Zerodin3632d ago

Her-ca-lees! Her-ca-lees!
[/Eddie Murphy in fat suit]

SinnedNogara3624d ago

This is cool. We probably didn't need to know this now, but this is interesting. I am going to buy this game when it comes out (It is gonna be my March game of the year, March of 08 was Super Smash Bros. Brawl) I am glad that High Voltage actually takes the Wii seriously (now all we need is a High Voltage dinosaur game) I hope that games like Bionic Commando. It could work with the Wii controls. You would point the Wii Remote to find where the grappling hook would launch and you would press up on the d-pad. Developers should take the Wii more seriously. The Wii is awesome. Someone submit that idea to Capcom. I won't sue. Man I get off topic.