GameShark: Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows Post Release Q&A

GameShark writes: "We chat with Chris Gerspacher, Lead Artist at Kerberos Productions in this post release Q&A, discussing some of the artwork in this brilliant expansion and we also show off some original concept art.

Q: There's no question that Sword of the Stars (SOTS) offers some of best 3D combat visuals of any 4X game to date, thanks to features like the dynamic damage texturing, destroyable turrets and subsystems, and the ability to hurl a gigantic, hilarious rock at an enemy colony and witness the brutal after-effect. How do you feel about the community's feedback from the game's range of graphical and artistic detail, and is there anything you would change or improve if given the chance?

A: Receiving feedback from the community is always great. We've gotten a good sense of the kinds of things they like, so we're looking forward to hearing their reaction to A Murder of Crows (AMoC). With our established forums we have a very direct channel to the fans and community. When we go about creating our elements we try to conceive of as many perspectives the audience will approach it from, what conclusions they may come to, and then work within and around all that knowledge."

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