GameZone: Discussing a Demigod: Q&A With Lead Designer Mike Marr

GameZone writes: "Early next year, Stardock and Gas Powered Games will release a different kind of real-time strategy game: Demigod. With massive, lengthy battles and enormous characters storming the battlefield, Demigod features some of the most unique and interesting designs ever seen in a video game. But where did these ideas come from?

"We begin by individually brainstorming what we think are the most compelling epic characters we can imagine," said Mike Marr, Lead Designer. "From there we all meet and discuss the ideas, narrowing the pool down to just a couple. At that point art works on concepts and design works on abilities and background information. At that point we'll review and see which Demigod is speaking to us the most. The one that speaks the most to us is the one we'll start actual creation of. The other ideas are filed away and reviewed again when we go to create a new demigod.'"

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