GameZone: Call of Duty: World at War Beta Preview

GameZone writes: "When the title was first announced earlier this year, many gamers where cautiously optimistic about what was in store for Call of Duty: World at War, the latest game in Activision's critically-acclaimed shooter franchise would differ from the wildly popular (and wildly awesome) fourth game in the Call of Duty series by bringing the series back to the weathered WWII setting and would be developed by Treyarch, the developer that also handled the somewhat underwhelming Call of Duty 3.

However, Treyarch is proving themselves to be very capable this time around, and the game is thankfully shaping up extremely well, as evidenced by the multiplayer beta now in progress. GameZone was recently given a crack at the beta, and the results showcased a very capable WWII shooter with deep and complex multiplayer that would do the much revered Call of Duty 4 proud."

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