Nintendo's Online Service isn’t great but they’re doing one thing right

The Switch still doesn't have a proper Nintendo Online Service but what are Nintendo currently doing better than their rivals when it comes to online? Craig explains how Nintendo are keeping their games relevant through free updates.

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PhoenixUp191d ago

“Whether it’s friend codes, a lack of cloud saves or just an inability to get its online infrastructure right for over a decade; Nintendo’s online offerings pale in comparison to both Sony and Microsoft.”

That’s what makes the idea that they have to gall to make a subscription service so appalling.

marloc_x190d ago

..let's see what they bring to the table.

3-4-5190d ago

exactly. They are going to announce other stuff...not just the release of online service.

The online for me has been fine with the Switch so far though.

gtxgamer2190d ago

What I want is in Gam voice chat/party chat. Whoever came up with the idea of a party chat app in the phone should be fired lol

PoSTedUP190d ago

for sure. even the vita had a party chat, as much as i wanted in game chat it was better than nothing. this is sad

Teflon02190d ago

Thing is, some Vita games even had ingame too. But then dev's started taking advantage of the party chat and implementing party to squading making team chat pointless lol.

PoSTedUP190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

i dont remember any game having ingame chat. every game i played you had to make a party with friends to talk in game. cant remember for cod or resistance but from what i remember they didnt have ingame chat?