Sony expects 'Home' to boost PS3 sales

A Sony Corp. executive told the Wall Street Journal this month that the company expects the new online universe 'Home' to boost sales of the Playstation 3 this holiday.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Chairman and Group CEO Kaz Hirai told the publication that Home, which will allow PS3 owners to mingle in a virtual world, will be available by the end of the year.

Hirai added that he expects the company's game unit to be less affected by current economic conditions.

Sony in Sept. 2007 delayed the Home online service to spring 2008. It subsequently delayed the project to the end of the year.

Sony will sell a new 160GB PS3 bundle in Nov. next to the current 80GB SKU.

Announced in Aug., the limited edition bundle will include the title Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, a Playstation Network voucher for Pain, and a Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller for $499.99.

Sony this month said that sales for the Playstation 3 and the PSP are better than expected and may see a shortage at retail.

The company expects to sell 10 million PS3 units and 15 million units by the end of fiscal Mar. 2009.

The PS3 sold 185,400 units to rank at No. 5 in U.S. Aug. hardware sales, according to NPD Group Inc.

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eric1003689d ago

same goes to M2/Resistance 2 and HOME

whoelse3689d ago

I think Home could be a final incentive for people sitting on the fence between PS3 and Xbox 360.

sonarus3689d ago

I'm in the beta and in its current state it lacks the functionality to even compete with NXE. If sony fixes this, it helps give playstation network a new identity. Home support needs to be a mandatory feature and not just something developers implement as they choose.

We can forget about home support for past games but all the 2009 games better have it especially the multiplayer ones.

If this can occur, psn has an identity. It won't be a system seller but sony can start to use it as a sales pitch. Expect to hear stuff like playstation 3 with revolutionary free online service playstation home and bla bla.

mindedone3689d ago

What is it that NXE does better than Home? I don't know much about NXE

Tarasque3689d ago

I completely agree with sonarus, I am in the beta and if they could update their trailers on a regular basis and add sully's bar type add ons with most of the game's. Integrate the little arcade machines when you beat them you get items like in sullys bar. It will be very good and i think it will be popular, but if the keep home pretty much as is bah, it will fail. But i dont think HOME or NXE will boost sales for either console.

Sitdown3689d ago

I agree...I look at it like this, if video games and bluray movies are not enough to make your purchase a ps3...then you should just not worry about gaming all together. Previous consoles did not need all these gimmicks...and I fail to see how Home would be the thing to put people over.

Megaton3689d ago

Agreed that Home really isn't up to par to be considered a console mover. It's a real bare bones app the way it is right now, and they're saying it'll be a console mover this fall? Unless they drop a megapatch between now and the open beta launch in November, I don't see many people reacting in an overwhelmingly positive manner towards Home.

3689d ago
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PirateThom3689d ago

I don't.

The same way I don't think NXE will boost sales.

It's a user interface, it's something that's there, not a reason to buy anything.

juuken3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I don't think that alone will sell consoles but combined with Little Big Planet and Resistance 2 as well as a few other games, it will be a system seller.

NO_PUDding3689d ago

Exactly what PirateThom said.

Sony doing some crap with the waste of time Home, and Xbox ruining LIVE with the NXE is not going to sell the systems.

ReBurn3689d ago

I agree with you PirateThom. I think the real system sellers are the new games that are releasing now. NXE and Home are "nice to haves" in my opinion.

Personally I see myself tiring of Home pretty quickly. But I'm not a huge social gamer, either.

u got owned3689d ago

The real system seller is gonna be great games and price, price, price. If Sony manage to drop the price in time for the release of Home and all the great game coming out for the PS3, then they will move a lot of systems.

Megatron083689d ago

OMG I actually agre with the sony fanboy for once. However I think home will quickly be forgotten too. Everyone will play around in it when it 1st comes out but a month later it will be void of players. NXE on the other hand will be enjoyed by players for most likely the life of the 360 cause its not meant to be played it was designed to add and upgrade features.

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Nelson M3689d ago

And you can throw a few other little things in there
like LBP,R2,Motorstorm 2, Ect, Ect


Home isnt a system seller. The games are. LBP anyone?

Skyyo3689d ago

LPB is youtube meets video games

Sackboy should be on every channel and advert possible.

PimpHandStrong3689d ago

are totally different PirateTom

can you walk around and mingle with pp on NXE? Can you meet up at the pool hall or play a game of chess? NO

i myself dont think HOME will move systems but it has more a chance to do so then NXE

Man_of_the_year3689d ago

I think you should do more research in what BOTH consoles are offering. - you will then see that there are things in NXE that HOME will not be able to well as other things that HOME will have that NXE will not...

Stupid Sony Fanboys are just so damn ignorant. you make me wanna sell my PS3.

Sitdown3689d ago

you can play pool and chess on xbla and do it quicker....because you do not have to walk and get there first. For me...if I want to go to a pool hall...I will go to one in real life....a virtual pool hall will never create the real atmosphere. To be honest, I am not drooling over Home or NXE...they are both just a means to an end....if I wanted Home, I would buy into Sims; NXE I would have a new ipod. The same people loving and praise Home is the same ones that probably say the Wii is a gimmick and not a real console. Sooo all my ranting is to say what?.......neither are console sellers, just perks to otherwise create consoles.

PimpHandStrong3689d ago

explain where the differences lay?

i mean really if you know so much please share

Man_of_the_year3688d ago

Do your own research, if you don't know the differences than you are pretty foolish to state what you think the advantages are of 1 console without knowing the advantages of the other...very foolish indeed.

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