Sunday's Family Guy Will Air Uninterrupted Thanks to PlayStation, the Show's Sole Sponsor

“This format, verses buying a 30-second ad unit, is appealing as it creates an event feel and offers a more unique approach on how we reach existing and new fans,” said Asad Qizilbash, vp of marketing for PlayStation. “The more we are able to eventize media buys, the bigger impact we see to present PlayStation as a leader in gaming content.”

PlayStation saw a big audience overlap between Family Guy viewers and action game fans, and Qizilbash noted that Sunday’s episode fell within its “critical” six-week launch window for God of War.

“When we evaluate media partner opportunities, we look at three things: the right audience alignment, the right time—proximity to launch—and strength and reach of our distinguished partners. Family Guy checked all the boxes,” said Qizilbash.

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lxeasy152d ago

wow that's really smart marketing on Sony. I personally love Family Guy.

Retroman152d ago

Thought Family Guy "fail" in rating 3 times. how is it still airing, why Sony really sponsoring a DEAD horse? . more power to Seth Mcfarland keep his dream child alive.

PUBG152d ago

Who has time to watch TV though? PS4 has too many games!

TheSaint151d ago

A good lesson on targeting the correct audience, a lesson MS could do with learning.

G20WLY151d ago

^PUBG, exactly, but there are a few idiots out there that haven't realised how awesome PS4 is, so hopefully this will help round them up 😉

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The_Jackel153d ago

rather watch that then stupid ads for sports shoes, drinks, and McDonalds ect

madforaday152d ago

The best is when the Olympics are on and they are the ones in the Mcdonald's commercials. Yeah, we aren't getting paid, so we are going to get paid by a company that we don't go to in general, so it looks like to young kids we do.

frostypants152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Can't speak for Olympians but I've known plenty of athletes that eat fast food. They often need massive caloric intake (e.g. swimmers) and the occasional McDonald's run isn't off the table.

morganfell152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Yeah they need calories...quality calories. To quote Chiun, "Do you know why Americans call it fast food? because it speeds them on the way to the grave."

Atticus_finch153d ago

That's pretty cool. I don't watch family Guy anymore though.

FlyingFoxy153d ago

Yeah, the repeated often unfunny jokes get a bit stale. Some of it can be funny tho.

I think South Park is better written personally. Rather watch that or The Simpsons, or anime which goes above all western shows in violence and mature content.

_-EDMIX-_153d ago

I agree I think South Park kind of proves that you can't just get away with a bunch of poo poo jokes for too long after a while you're still going to actually need solid writing as opposed to a bunch of gimmicks

They're amazing social commentary on a host of topics in society have allowed for them to remain relevant and funny even after all these years

Outside_ofthe_Box152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I stopped watching Family Guy a long time ago(South Park and Simpsons as well), but during the time I did watch it, I preferred it over South Park and Simpsons. Every time I saw an episode of South Park, Cartman was taking a dump. Got old real fast for me. 🤷

PurpHerbison152d ago

Family Guy fell off when it went HD. So was that season 8 or 9? I'm not sure but it is still a guilty pleasure of mine. Ill admit I haven't seen a good NEW episode in AWHILE but yeah.

Southpark has fallen off hard the last 2-3 seasons with the whole serialized structure and drawing inspiration from current times (which suck). Just give me random episodes about Randy and I'm good.

I personally haven't watched The Simpsons in years but loved season 2-8.

Anime is... its tough for me these days. I can't get into the crazy animes anymore, has to be something realistic. Such as the anime "Bartender" or "Welcome to NHK." Start throwing around special powers and ridiculous plots and I lose interest so fast. Sports animes are good too, but usually cause they are grounded in reality.

Gman32152d ago

both family guy and south park are stale at this point

frostypants152d ago

I got tired of South Park 15 years ago. Waaaaay too preachy, which is ironic, because in the early days the creators said they hated political preachiness.

rainslacker152d ago

I always preferred South Park. It was much more relevant and better at the satire. I like Family Guy well enough, but tend to like the stories that are more family oriented than the one's trying to address social issues. I think I prefer American Dad over Family Guy though.

FlyingFoxy152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Anime can be a like it or hate it type thing due to most having fanservice i guess.

It can tend to seem a bit unusual when the style looks quite kiddish, yet the show itself has quite a bit of sexual content. Bit like the early episodes of Dragon Ball (as a quick example) i suppose.

Rainslacker i agree, i prefer American Dad a bit better than Family Guy myself, don't know why though. I kind of enjoy Futurama as well, or used to, but i think it did a better job of telling a story over being that funny. It has quite a few genuinely sad episodes as well.

Gaming_1st151d ago


Then obviously you was watching the same southpark episode over and over.

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kevnb152d ago

Simpsons now get higher ratings again.

Retroman152d ago

WHY??????? what is the magic behind a Super dumb dad and a spiky hard-head son? never watched 1 episode after season 1 episode 2......waaaaaaaay to DUMB for me.

Retroman152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

Same here. stop watching after realizing how DEMONIC and RACIST family guy really is. and BRIAN a talking dog bonning women. a white man voicing a color man was waaaaaay to much for me. American Dad much better.

Magnus153d ago

This is great news what would be even better is if they made another Family Guy game Back to the Multiverse was great

PurpHerbison152d ago

I'd be satisfied with another episode of that nature. Always liked the Brian and Stewie science fiction stuff.

Retroman152d ago

They should make MORE!!! episodes with stew,brian. only time FG interesting. Peter, Joe, Clev, Quag boring now. maybe story on Meg and Chris for a change. why is meg the butt of each joke?? she's "NOT!!!!" ugly one bit.

Hardiman153d ago

Genius marketing move by Sony! Can't wait to see it!

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