'Half-Life' Co-Op Mod Gets Blessings Of Creators At Gearbox

Patrick Klepek of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"For roughly three years, a group of modders have been independently porting the Decay mod to the PC "Half-Life." Their work was recently completed. But their project seemed to tip-toe on the possibility of someone calling foul and shutting the whole thing down.

MTV Multiplayer reached out to Gearbox president Randy Pitchford for his thoughts on the matter. And you know what? He loves what they've done."

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TheROsingleB3715d ago

I use to love playing Co-op mods for the original Half-life! A lot of the good mod creators usually move on to bigger game projects or work for companies like Gearbox or Vivendi. I want to check out this mod now >.>

FantasyStar3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

Even the former community PR man Frank O'Connor said he felt bad about calling them to tell them that "it's over". That was years ago though, but I'm glad that now in this age, we're embracing user-created content because it benefits everyone.

ThanatosDMC3715d ago

If only they'll tell us how to properly host a server, by that i mean letting our friends actually join a hosted game!