We Talk To Comedian Rob Beckett About His New Video Game Show

SR say, "Recently, we got the chance to talk with comedian Rob Beckett about his new video game comedy show “Playing for Time”, which is due to premier on Channel 4 at the end of March."

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ravinash126d ago

So basically it's like Go 8 bit with the same selection of comedians and celebrities.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all the shows like Mock the week and shows like that, but can we please try doing something different.

Mr Pumblechook126d ago

There's something about this guy's appearance that deeply unsettles me.

TheSinsibleOne126d ago

It's his teeth. Cannibal teeth

big_dom_strikes_back126d ago

The only way this does well is if it has an edge to it. If its on after the watershed, there needs to be swearing, adult themed content, especially if it plans on going all nostalgic, which would appeal to older gamers who lived through the good old days of actually sitting with real mates in front of a TV with a few controllers and some craic.

To think Gamesmaster was shown at around 6pm on a weekday, and some of the inside jokes, sexual innuendo, and general sexist banter (Zoe Ball episode) from Dominik Diamond and co, itd never be screened these days.