Ubisoft experimenting with Blockchain tech for projects like The Division 2

Legendary game developer Ubisoft has revealed it is experimenting with blockchain technology for potential use in future titles like Assassin’s Creed and The Division 2.

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SlappingOysters274d ago

Blockchain tech is awesome.; i really hope it is used for the powers of good in gaming.

Septic274d ago

That's actually quite clever use of it. Unique collectibles on the blockchain that csnt be duplicated. Digital Picasso's..but who other than the dev would check the ledgers ? Unless this really takes off!

SlappingOysters274d ago

It would legitimise farming I guess: you can imagine blockchain in a game like WoW, would be super interesting.

Septic274d ago

Yeah that's a very good point. Digital economies in game worlds would mean a lot more so farming would make more sense

TheCommentator273d ago

From the article:

"For a game like The Division 2, that would allow a player to locate or create a unique item in the game and actually own it. The player can then trade that weapon, switch it between their accounts, retain it even after a server crash or game failure, swap it to another title like Ghost Recon, and never run the risk of losing it to a hack."

Nice! Create and share content plus the ability to transfer it from game to game.

Scatpants273d ago

If a game mined bitcoin for me as I played I would be interested.

Palitera273d ago

Now... From Ubisoft... Do you think it would be for you?

A-stil_Tv272d ago

Facts! ... With their track record I wouldn't count on it working in the gamers favor

Xenophon_York273d ago

Can undoubtedly imagine this being an awesome feature if implemented in a useful, meaningful way rather than just as an afterthought gimmick. Haven't paid much attention to this series yet. This could change that.

Dragonscale273d ago

Think legendary is stretching it a bit.

KwietStorm273d ago

They've made a lot of very well received games and franchises since the 80s. Rayman, Beyond Good And Evil, Rainbow Six, Prince of Persia. Those credits don't just disappear.

_-EDMIX-_273d ago

That's amazing

tell us about the game publisher you started.

I mean you don't need to personally like the publisher but at least give the publisher the respect they deserve. This publisher has been able to survive in properly adapt to the market longer than most in the industry we've seen so many developers leave that were Pioneers in the industry yet Ubisoft has been able to remain relevant. I do not believe it is a stretch to call them legendary.

Jakens273d ago

Ubisoft is one of the best. They go to great length for the games. Legendary is correct.

jznrpg272d ago

They are not without faults and have had some rough patches but they are definitely legendary for early Assasins Creed, Beyond Good and Evil , Rayman and others mentioned

Lamboomington272d ago

For all the shit people give Ubisoft, the fact is they've made some truly amazing games and game franchises. Honestly, some of the best games out there in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.