Super Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch - Is it a port or a brand-new game?

"Since the Nintendo Direct 3.8.2018 stream, there has been a lot of people talking. Even so, most of the talk was mainly focusing on just a single game being shown to exist, "Super Smash Bros" on the Nintendo Switch. So, is it a brand-new game or is it a port? Well, here's my thoughts on the matter" - P Albert, TGG.

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Neonridr271d ago

immediately after the reveal of the title it said at the bottom right "Original Game". It also gave no credit to Bandai Namco who helped out on the last game, only to HAL Laboratories. I don't think it's this difficult to see.

TGG_overlord271d ago

Since most sites and magazines missed out on that (they stated that it's not 100% sure if it's a new game or a port), then I take it that most people are not aware of this either?

DJK1NG_Gaming271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Original Game = Super Smash Bros. 64 not the game itself

Sono421268d ago

I am REALLY getting tired of this misinformation spreading like wildfire. That exact same copyright is in the original trailer for smash 4 and there is no copyright credit to Bandai Namco in the reveal trailer for Smash 4 and we know that wasn't developed by HAL and it was made by Bandai Namco, so what you're saying means absolutely nothing. That copyright is referencing the ORGINAL GAME on N64 just as the copyright says.

Neonridr268d ago

well it all comes down to who is making the game. If Bandai Namco are making the game, I will concede it will be a port. But if HAL Laboratories is working on the game, it wouldn't make sense to port it from a different developer. I am sure we will know soon enough, come E3 probably.

Simon_the_sorcerer271d ago

Either way, quite a few people will buy a Switch just so that they can play the new Super Smash Bros game.

TGG_overlord271d ago

I know a couple of people that will do that, because they have been fans of the series since the very first game.

Littil_Devil271d ago

As long as the game turns out to be really great, then I'm cool with either outcome.

TGG_overlord271d ago

I truly hope so as well, because I intend to buy a Switch console during this year.

BadElf271d ago

I dont see how this is confusing people.
Remember when Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was released on Switch? They didnt say "New "Mario Kart" Game" coming to the Switch.
Why would any one think its a port when it just says "Super Smash Bros"??
Idiots, no?

TGG_overlord271d ago

Obviously it is, since people are asking about it (not to mention that quite a few sites and magazines are not 100% sure if it's a port or a new game). Nevertheless, time will tell. That would be my guess, but I might be wrong.

DJK1NG_Gaming271d ago

And? If Sakurai isn't going to make an entirely new game after the development struggles and hand injuries he got from it. It going to be using Super Smash Bros. Wii U everything so yall expect entirely new game isn't going to happen. Only new from it will be the content, name and how Nintendo market and advertise it.

Neonridr271d ago

then if it's simply a port, why is Bandai Namco not credited since they worked on the Wii U version?

DJK1NG_Gaming270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

Because it not confirmed if they are working on it.
It only says Copyright 2017 Nintendo because Nintendo only revealed Mario, Link and Inklings.

Whenver a character was revealed for Wii U/3DS the company or studio or publisher in charge was added. Namco Bandai was already listed early on because they were developing it.

Square Enix was added when Cloud was revealed
Sega was added when Sonic was revealed
Monolith Soft was added when Sulk was revealed
Intelligent System was added when Marth was revealed
Pikachu being revealed early on had Game Freak, Creature Inc and The Pokemon Company on it. Hal Laboratory. for Kirby.

The Copyright goes along with the characters revealed.
The Original Game thing is for Super Smash Bros. 64/

Yall expecting Sakura to start from scratch and rebuild the game and it releasing in 2018 after it started development in mid 2016 is setting up yourself up for expecting an entirely new game with nothing to do with Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS.

Yall aren't understanding why people are saying it will be using the asset from those games.
We aren't saying it's a PORT PORT we are saying the game is going to look, feel, have and everything in it is going to be from the Wii U / 3DS.

Taking the asset of the previous game and building the next one with all of it without having to rebuild them. I know this because it can be done easily in any game development tool.

BadElf270d ago

"Yall aren't understanding why people are saying it will be using the asset from those games.
We aren't saying it's a PORT PORT we are saying the game is going to look, feel, have and everything in it is going to be from the Wii U / 3DS"
You are now putting words in people's mouths. "We arent saying its a port port"...Whos we? Port port? Every single comment Ive seen has said "Its a port of the Wii U game"

strayanalog271d ago

It's neither. It is a remaster of a port of a prequel that has yet to be released. That's right. You heard it here first.‎ Remember this day.

TGG_overlord271d ago

Sure thing, I'll be sure to write it all down and mark this date.

strayanalog270d ago

I'm glad to see someone can take a joke.

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