METAL GEAR Orchestral Concert Series Coming to Japan, U.S. and Europe!

Neocrisis - The official METAL GEAR orchestral concert series will premiere outside of Japan in 2018. It will start off in Los Angeles (Oct. 10) before moving to New York (Oct. 13) and Paris (Oct. 28).

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bored160d ago

I did not know about this, i thought only Final Fantasy Series did this

Matrix6159d ago

They have all sorts in Japan/Asia. Even Europe gets some amazing ones from time to time. I watch some on YouTube.

bored159d ago

pretty cool, did not know its on UT

PhantomS42159d ago

Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, now MGS looks like.

Miss_Vixen159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

No love for Australia? :'(

bored159d ago

sry but your too far south.

Matrix6159d ago

Lol, they'll get down there with MGS at some stage or another. Australia has had multiple and various Final Fantasy concerts (big and small) since 2012, Zelda/Nintendo concerts as well and retro types in the past. FF is apparently coming again later this year.

159d ago