What Multiplayer Feels in Gears of War 2 (Warning: Story Spoilers)

"Here is a brief description of multiplayer mayhem and single player story information (Read Spoilers) for the upcoming Gears of War 2. Viewer discretion is strictly advised at all costs.

There is no more sticking to walls, players can wall bounce but again it's not as fast enough. They can also break out of their slide before going into cover, the party system very similar to Halo games made by Bungie."

The first three paragraphs are related to multiplayer so they do not contain spoilers, the last bit contains info on the story, read these at your own risk.

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theKiller3689d ago

it feels dated and not bringing anything new, in other words it feels CRAP

Pennywise3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I didnt read them saying that, but they didnt seem to excited about it. Only having friends join games instead of open rooms could damper the multiplayer experience. I cant see how this is true

Daz3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

you are lowest of low person in the world. What are you 10.

eric1003689d ago

enemies have no AI in the game

cant belive that they are releasing this game against Resistance 2

Mr Bot3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

u hurt us killer, now u did, i cant take it any more, nor my bot followers, watch out for NYT news of mass bot suicides!! all that because u hurt my feelings!!

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Nice3689d ago

these games are much more addictive when it comes to their multiplayer, if I really need an engrossing single player game I rather pick up Prince of Persia or Dead space Instead...Bioshock on the PS3 would suit me just fine..well expect for the Pixelated BIG Daddy..

eric1003689d ago

R2 is clearly the best shooter of Fall 08

It has the best MP and the SP too

Mr Bot3689d ago

it will rule this holiday haaaaaaaaaaaaay ;)

281219863689d ago

But I shall not click...

Pennywise3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I read it and didnt see any spoilers really. Just stop before the bold saying Here is Campain or w.e

Unknown3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

but I have faith that it will be good....this fall is REALLY a great time to be a gamer no matter what console you own, but better yet if you own all of them! Oh and by the way, can a mod or for that matter anyone on this site tell me a) Why I have only 3 bubbles when 95% of all my comments are either facts or fact based opinions. I try my best not bash any console yet I see individuals on the site with like 15 bubbles and they down this console in favor of the one they own. I don't understand. And b) Why was I put in the open zone for posting a non biased post? All I just gave my opinion of the story that was posted on the thread and even gave support to both the ps3 and 360 and the next thing I know I'm restricted to comment with the morons that just want to bash next gen consoles instead of embrace them. Don't want to come off whiny or whatever but I'm not a happy camper about this.

No FanS Land3689d ago

You don't have the same luck as me. I always tend to be unbiased and thanks to that I got 7 bubbles. I've seen some of your posts out there, heck you're like me!

Back to topic: this game will be huge, I'm really looking forward to see it out.

281219863689d ago

yup read it...they arent too happy with the multiplayer....i dont intend to start a flame war but is resistance 2 better..I just ask cause I dont own a PS3 yet but am seriously comtemplating of buying one...LBP just looks too delicious to pass by...

Sitdown3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

it depends on the match setup. I played Resistance online and I feel like the average lifespan was like 5 seconds....but that had to do with weapons that were available and had unlimited ammo and that amount of players. Of course with Gears you do not have so many players...and it does not tend to go by as quick. At the end of the day....more about your preference with regards to speed of game, if you run through with games blazing, or tend to work with strategy and covering.

Pennywise3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I love my PS3. I wouldnt have anytime to play a 360 between life, work and my PS3.

R2 will be good, bank on it. Insomniac owns. LBP is too fun to pass up. Sony has a lot of good stuff coming. I havent regretted my purchase one time since I bought it.

Socom MP is cool as hell too btw.

PS360PCROCKS3689d ago

My unbiased opinion is I personally HATED resistance FOM. I liked gears way more in every aspect. It's not to say Resistance was a bad game, it wasn't, but it's not my kind of game. the MP is like COD on steroids.

Sena Kobayashi3689d ago

1-"i dont intend to start a flame war but is resistance 2 better"

2-"I dont own a PS3 yet but am seriously comtemplating of buying one...LBP just looks too delicious to pass by"

get the f!ck out of here dumb ass what do you think your doing right now? this is clearly about Gears and your up there talking about how much R2 is better and how you wont miss out on LBP! I dont give a damn if you wont miss out on LBP go and buy it its your right but dont come here and start talking about your passion for PS3. Fa99ot

On Topic

How come there aint no sticking to walls anymore WTF!

lsbu4gaming3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

You idiot.

Gears 1 was the BOMB and everyone loved it and now Gears 2 will do the same and it will own all wahahah

You better off owning a Wii.

Ps3 is too high price and to much of a hardcore gaming machine for you and the Xbox 360 will be too much for your brain to handle

agree Xbox 360 owners

outlawlife3689d ago

how did you get "they aren't happy with multiplayer" out of that article? all they did was outline the differences in play from the original

stop inferring your own biased opinion into the article, if you read it with a fully unobstructed view you cans ee that it doesn't say anything but neutral statements about the multiplayer

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