Are Loot Boxes Being Gone A Good Thing?

Loot boxes are known for having an addictive nature. Experts online have already pointed out that the mechanics they follow are very similar to the ones casinos around the world use. The thrill of not knowing what comes next keeps people paying.

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chrisx277d ago

the world will be better place without lootboxes.

_-EDMIX-_276d ago

agreed I'm not even sure how this is a serious question

Godmars290277d ago

Certainly not needed in AAA games that have collector editions, DLC and season passes besides.

AmstradAmiga276d ago

Certainly not wanted but whether they are needed or not, only time will tell.

Godmars290276d ago

No. Not needed in SP titles when tailored to effect progression. MP arena themed games when they can effect outcomes. Make them P2W.

Sgt_Slaughter276d ago

Not. needed. ever.

This is why developers and publishers nickel and dime gamers with everything under the sun (DLC, $70/80/90/100 editions at the start, loot boxes, microtransactions, etc.). Development costs generally have not gone up, yet the industry keeps growing, and we pay $40-60 A GAMER ALREADY.

Why is this such a hard concept to fathom? Why do people want us to have to pay $100+ just to possibly get all the content? They get enough money already AND get more money than pretty much any major media/entertainment field per copy sold.

SegaGamer277d ago

Loot boxes aren't actually bad, it's when you are asked to pay for them with real money, that is when they are bad. We have all kinds of different types of loot boxes in games for years, they only suck now because we are being asked to pay for them with real money.

_-EDMIX-_276d ago

Well to be honest most loot boxes can be purchased using some sort of in-game currency that's built up in the game in the first place.

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The story is too old to be commented.