Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (Switch/PS4/XOne/PC) Preview - WorthPlaying

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection highlights the series' past in this anthology of 12 iconic titles with arcade-perfect balancing..

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RainOfTerror277d ago

added a bunch of gameplay trailers to the article if you want to see the game in action on either switch, PS4 or Xbox One platforms.

Eonjay277d ago

This would be perfect on switch. I will get it on PS4 so I can play against my roommate on the big screen. But otherwise it would be good on the vita and perfect with the Switch.

michellelynn0976277d ago

You will have lots of fun. I love SF games.

Tross277d ago

Sounds interesting. My church has a Street Fighter Alpha 3 arcade cabinet, so part of me wants this collection for that alone. I'm probably not getting it on launch day, but I'm glad Capcom did this.

RainOfTerror277d ago

Your church has a Street Fighter Alpha 3 arcade cabinet? that's kind of epic .. LOL

Tross277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Yeah, I mean it's old and the buttons are a little worn, but we do. I wish we brought it out more often, instead of just at the pre-teen ministry I volunteer at, and even then, only every fourth week. Then again, my friend almost dies bringing it out and putting it away, along with the other machines. Maybe when we get our new church we can just have an arcade room.

We also have three other arcade cabinets. One's that awful Sonic 3D Fighter that's more interesting as a relic of the past than for its actual gameplay, which is way inferior to Street Fighter Alpha 3. There's also a racing game that I believe is called Rad Racer that's kind of fun, but quite difficult, especially for the kids we bring the machines out for every fourth Friday night. Lastly, we have an even more difficult snowboarding game called Surf Planet, but alas, I think that one's broken, and we can only fit three machines in the foyer at one time anyways. Sonic was apparently broken for a while too, so I guess we'll see what happens.

We actually used to be part of our sister church that owned all four machines, and four others. When we split off, we took half and they kept the other half. I'm not sure what they have, aside from that Bubble Bobble machine they brought out at their Super Bowl party last year. I actually fell in love with it that day, and I never thought much of Bubble Bobble before then. I was disappointed when they didn't bring it out or any other arcade machine at their Super Bowl party this year. Yeah, ping pong and table hockey is great for the kids, but come on! I have to beat my score on that arcade game I only ever get to see once a year, if that.

Minute Man 721277d ago

I bought the Alpha series when they were $5 on PS3. Play from time to time

PurpHerbison277d ago

This gave me a small chuckle, "Finally, exclusive to the Switch version of the game is the eight-player tournament mode. You'll need four Switch consoles (and hopefully eight Pro Controllers, though you can use the Joy-Cons if you must) and four copies of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection to play the tournament."

Anyway, Alpha 2 really needed to be included in online play. Oh well.

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