MotorStorm Pacific Rift: new gameplay footage

Off cam footage.

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eric1003627d ago

The game looks like solid gold

dale13627d ago

motorstorms looking good, seems like tgs has been given the latest builds of all the ps3 games everyone looks so much better just hope game trailers don,t get there hands on this footage,there f*ck it up for sure

Dragunov3627d ago

Who´s playing? the game looks awesome but the player must be retarded

eric1003627d ago

couldnt agree more

But the game is Amazing

Nineball21123627d ago

That looks like me when playing Motorstorm on a bike. Those suckers are hard to handle!

Looks good, but yeah... that wasn't a very good player at the controls.

juuken3627d ago

The game looks damn good.
But lol @ that person driving...o_o

Lord Anubis3627d ago

i was about to say the same thing. He keeps on using the boost while on air and overheats the engine.

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eric1003627d ago

The player was a retard no doubt

Tarasque3627d ago

Cant wait for this game.....

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