Kingdom Come: Deliverance Proves Open World Games Should Scale Back

Almost every notable open world RPG has followed the same absurdly epic narrative beat, insisting on trying to dazzle its audience with enormous scale and apocalyptic stakes. Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and even Zelda – these trendsetting franchises lay a blueprint that has been repeated time and time again. And it’s become super tedious.

Thankfully, we’re starting to see a breaking of convention.

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zcmilano277d ago

I definitely enjoyed this game's story and agree that it was kinda unique having a plot that didn't end up being a generic save the world affair.

joab777277d ago

Yep. I’d prefer a smaller world filled with detail and dynamic gameplay over a gigantic world that is mostly filled with fields to run across.

FTLmaster277d ago

Still on my list to play. Refreshing to see so much positive buzz around such an authentic RPG experience.

narsaku277d ago

Super tedious for you maybe. I personally can't wait for more games like Elder scrolls and BOTW

alexgibson277d ago

I'd rather just play Zelda and the Elder Scrolls than more games like Zelda and Elder Scrolls.

smolinsk277d ago

This is nothing like those two, the attention to reality and debth is what makes this great, not a fantasy game this is.

PrimeVinister277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Nah fam.

It just proves that the scale and depth of game attempted in KC:D is not only technically possible but probably economically viable.