Trophies definitely in Prince of Persia PS3 writes: "There has been some confusion over whether or not the PS3 version of Ubisoft's Prince of Persia will include trophies (something that's still not a guaranteed feature in most PS3 releases), but we can confirm that they're included. After spending some time with the Tokyo Game Show build in the office we'd been awarded with numerous trophies that were handed out for getting to grips with the various gameplay mechanics explained in the opening portion of the game."

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rbbrdman3688d ago

If Sony played this trophy idea right from the begining this really shouldn't be breaking news.

All or ZERO games should have them. PERIOD.

Seraphim3688d ago

the problem in that is that Sony Can't force developers to implement trophies into games that are only a couple-few months from releasing. Which is why we have the wait n see with games releasing this year. I think come 2009 developers will have had adequate time to implement trophies into game in development and they'll become mandatory.... But it's not like Sony could say here's trophies, they're now a requirement for PS3 games. It would only have led to irate developers/publishers, pushed back release dates...