MEGamers: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

Review by Soheil Sadeghi:

"War; one of the most devastating events in the human history; is nothing interpretable into any media. Not that it is not possible to write or make a motion picture or more importantly for our interest make a game out of it, but no story, film or a game can truly demonstrate what the soldiers had gone through. We only get a glimpse of the hell they have lived in and we can just scratch the surface of the feelings they had during those moments.

That's why by looking at the latest edition of Brothers in Arms you will think again about the people who have fought shoulder to shoulder and have gone through hell and back or probably stayed there forever. In any other game based on the World Wars or any other fiction or non-fiction war, you just think about your own character alone, other soldiers are just there to fill the screen, but not here. In BIA: Hell's Highway they are here to show the importance of friendship, sacrifice and brotherhood. A vision that without a doubt was present in the battlefields among the soldiers participating in the fight. From this point of view, soldiers are not just pawns of a chessboard, easily dispensable for a greater goal. They are here to help each other end what has started and get safely back home to the mothers and wives and the children whom are waiting and praying to have one last look at their loved ones."

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