E3 2018: Microsoft Readies Biggest E3 Showing Ever

Since Xbox made its first appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2000, Xbox has had a major presence at the show, delivering exclusive and powerful ways to let fans in on what we’re up to, and 2018 will be no different.  In fact, it will be our biggest showing ever.

With the evolution of E3, now including fans and extended show hours, we saw an opportunity to create an entirely new show experience reaching E3 attendees and those that are following the show from afar.

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lxeasy272d ago

Sunday, June 10th at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET

Septic272d ago

So like last year then. Nice to have it on the weekend. Biggest showing ever? In terms of floor space? I'd rather see megaton announcements to be honest.

lxeasy271d ago

I think the reason why they have so much floor space is biggest they will drop megaton announcements.

Septic271d ago

Maybe...who knows. Doesn't necessarily mean the biggest announcements but judging by the comments last year, most on here should agree that going on E3 floor space size, it is a sign of good things to come:

LateNightThirst271d ago


What? No that just means they have a lot of floor demos, which has not been anything new from the past Microsoft has always had a ton of floor space for game demos, especially with during the One X's full reveal to showcase the games running on the system

Mr Pumblechook271d ago

Glad to see that Microsoft are saying it will be their 'biggest' E3 ever - so expect Megatons galore!

TheDriz271d ago

Yeah I feel like this is typical Xbox hype. They will show crackdown and announce its coming in 2021 and then say they have over 100 exclusives in the works but it will really just be more backwards compatible stuff. Everyone will want Fable 4 and Halo what.ever the hell number they are on now but there won’t be a single mention. Sound familiar?

Wikkid666271d ago

My guess is they are finally going to release VR this year. The only way to truly show off VR is using demo stations.... which would take a lot of floor space.

ShottyatLaw271d ago

The comments in last year's thread are a great reminder of how ridiculous people can be.

They could host their conference out of a trailer in the parking lot for all I care. Just show new games - big and small - and I'll be happy. I don't care how many platforms those games ultimately release for as long as they're good.

Also, KotOR 3.

ZeroX9876271d ago

since MS is bringing all of their first party titles to PC also, I'm now more interested than ever in their E3 conference show! plus add crossplay to those titles, that's a lot of new players to play with/against :)

bouzebbal271d ago

Good to be optimistic..
Megaton if they announce game pass for other platforms.
Exclusives? Ain't happening..

thekhurg271d ago

Biggest E3 ever.
Best lineup ever.
Best blah blah blah ever.

Give it up MS, just learn some humility and deliver something quality for once this generation.

kayoss270d ago

They need the biggest show floor ever is because the Xbox one x physically takes up a lot of space.

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denawayne271d ago ShowReplies(3)
Big_Game_Hunters271d ago

A good showing for microsoft usually means good news for PC gamers as well. Good games are good games.

rainslacker271d ago

It does? For the two years that they decided to support PC gaming again?

FinalFantasyFanatic271d ago

They haven't shown that much game-wise the last 2 or 3 years (PC gamers got a couple of games out of it like Cuphead and Ori), they really need a good showing this year.

notachance271d ago

man, they kept saying that every year

JeffGUNZ271d ago

If you read the article you'd see they are talking about the venue. They have a separate venue across from the convention center and the floor space is the largest they have ever had.

Aceman18271d ago

I am not holding my breath for any major surprises from them. I'll keep my expectations very low, and hopefully they'll actually surprise me with something new.

Aenea271d ago

Huh, on my birthday! Cool...

Immorals271d ago

Day after my wedding. Shall be hard to let the missus know that I'm gonna ignore her for a few hours :p

CaptainObvious878270d ago

Now where have I heard this song and dance before?

I believe I made this exact same comment at this time last year The EXACT same comment. And what happened?

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slate91272d ago

Can't wait!!! My adult Christmas

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NXFather271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Yeah, I didn't read that right way.

271d ago
Kribwalker272d ago

Their biggest showing ever? This could be epic

_-EDMIX-_271d ago

Absolutely agreed we've heard this so many times that it's difficult to believe anything they're talking about.

This is a big wait and see. People also need to understand that they need to take what this company says with a grain of salt because they still need to Market their company in the device so of course they're going to tell you this they're not going to outright tell you "guess what we're not going to have a lot to show like every single year" lol

So I'm expecting the classic Forza Halo combo. Would love to be proven wrong

MegamanXXX271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

I know right 😊

thatguyhayat271d ago

Yep every year he says that and its disappointment. Wont trick me again you goon

TheDriz271d ago

Yep same thing every year.

JeffGUNZ271d ago

The article clearly says they are talking about floor space. The venue for their conference will be the largest they have ever had. They didn't promise the biggest event in regards to content.

Xenophon_York271d ago


For too long we've let companies, politicians, teachers, and anyone else with power-of-influence purposefully misguide us into a false sense of security. Look where it's got us.

I'd respect Microsoft—or anyone—more if I was told the truth. Even if that truth hurts.

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SpaceRanger272d ago

Biggest for them in size, not content according to their description of the space they got.

Kribwalker272d ago

well i’d hope if they got all that space they would fill it up with content, otherwise they’d book a smaller space like last year

SpaceRanger272d ago


One can only hope.

fenome271d ago

Maybe they're shooting people out of canons, I'd say riding elephants but they dropped kinect.

ConsoleGamer271d ago (Edited 271d ago )


"Maybe they're shooting people out of canons"

Hope they do that with phil. So they are able to get rid of the gaas-man AND make pr for sea of thieves.

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yellowgerbil271d ago

don't get your hopes up. Overhype ruins E3. Look at Sony last year, it was hyped to no end and because of that most people (myself included) left underwhelmed.
Microsoft is my least favorite of the companies and I haven't felt the need to own one of their systems for about a decade (after my 360 red ringed never looked back) but I still greatly enjoy a good show and even with little true exclusive content they do put out a good show (Metro looked awesome last year as well as that Bladerunner pixel game)
So be cautiously optimistic, and don't expect the second coming of christ on stage. That goes for everyone, not just you I might add

rainslacker271d ago

I don't think Sony said much to hype of their show last year. I don't really recall. I think people had high expectations given the prior year...what with their full orchestra and all....coupled with the huge mega-ton conference of the year before that.

But last year, I feel that Sony didn't even try that hard. I think they saw MS conference and felt they could have cancelled with no problem and still been OK. But hey, they booked the hall, so they showed up. Despite that, they still did better than MS conference.

I expect a lot from Sony, they don't always deliver. I don't expect much at all from MS, sometimes they surprise and do quite well.

FinalFantasyFanatic271d ago

To be fair though, E3's not a big show like it used to be, companies now just seem to have their own private reveals or showings or whatever during the year, I feel like E3 is losing relevance when it used to be a huge event to look forward to. Last year's E3 wasn't much to write home about for Sony or Microsoft.

ConsoleGamer271d ago

It's the same as "biggest lineup in xbox history" or "sales are strong". Doesn't mean anything but it is meant to sound nice.

Servbot41271d ago

Maybe they'll only cancel one game this year instead of multiple. Maybe they'll announce Halo, Forza AND Gears all at once, they haven't done that one yet, right?

rainslacker271d ago

Should we go back and list all the quotes about how great their show was going to be for the past few years? Then discuss how they didn't really live up to their own hype?

MS last year at the start of the conference talked about how they had all these exclusive games. What we got was mostly an indie showcase.

I expect companies to hype up their own things, but MS has a habit of saying things will be something, when the average gamer usually has a different concept on what is considered big or important.

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gamingunited272d ago

So their big change this year is moving outside of E3 to their own space? Seems like a mistake to me, they are moving away from all the other publishers so now if you want to see Microsoft you have to commute to a different building than where all your favorite publishers are at.

I guess their goal is to keep people to themselves but I think what will happen is they they will be separate and excluded from people.

thexmanone272d ago

They will be at two locations.

gamingunited272d ago

Well technically yes, Mixer will be on the main show floor but Microsoft's games, demo's and presentation will be at Microsoft arena separate from the main E3 event.

Sono421271d ago

When it comes to Microsoft I am definitely taking the wait and see approach. They've been saying "We're all about games and have HUGE announcements right around the corner!" Basically since the Xbox One launched and in my opinion they still haven't delivered. You want to buy into the hype? Sure go ahead, logically it makes more sense to be skeptical, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Kribwalker272d ago

It’s no different the EA Play.

And all companies have their press conference at different locations and Not at the LA Convention Centre. Last year sony held there’s at the shrine auditorium, 2 miles away from the convention centre. They say the MS Theatre is right across the street from E3

Ashlen272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

You don't understand... they are moving their games and demo's out of the E3 conference and into the Microsoft Arena it's not just the press conference that will be at the new location.

Either way it's pretty obvious they are pulling a "Microsoft" and trying to over hype again. They started the hype train earlier this month with a vague statement saying there were going to be "big changes coming to E3" letting people get the impression it was going to be about games (which people clearly believed judging from the comments in that story) but in the end the "big change" is just moving the event to a new location.

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Kribwalker272d ago


EA and activision both did not even have floor space at E3 last year. EA had EA Play, which they are doing this year as well, where all of their game demos are at unless their is a marketing deal. They have a separate 3 day event.

MS will still have a large floor presence as well, “In addition to the Microsoft Theater, we’ll also continue to have a meaningful presence at the LACC with a new booth completely dedicated to Mixer, where you can play, stream and interact with games and catch the latest E3 news live throughout the entire week.”

So they will have demos etc in the convention centre in the mixer zone, then they’ll have the entire theatre across the street.

That is a big change to how they do E3, so what about that is overhype?

The Wood271d ago

Ms have to build hype. They'd be stupid not to irrespective if they have content to match the hype levels. Under selling isn't a trait ms are known for. Why expect any different.

UCForce271d ago Show
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PrematuaProcrastin8a271d ago

They are moving literally across the street, it's so they have more room to themselves.

FinalFantasyFanatic271d ago

But do they actually need it? At this point in time I can't think of anything that would warrant it, unless they had lots of interactive demos on display or heaps of private screenings/conferences.

rainslacker271d ago

The press will go. That's why they're there. Shuttles are available anyways, and the press already commutes to the conferences.

As far as I understand it, they'll have space on the actual E3 expo floor also.

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gangsta_red272d ago

Hoping this years E3 is good.

SpaceRanger272d ago

I hope so too, last year was a major bait and switch year with the false advertising of the overused term “exclusive”.

They said it so many times it was hilarious.

_-EDMIX-_271d ago

These guys use the term exclusive so much despite describing something that can be found on multiple platforms..

I guess that's their way of dealing with releasing all their content on PC too.

The Wood271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

That exclusive slight of hand was epic though. . C'mon red. . Many ms defenders/fans refuse to admit exclusives are important yet can't explain why ms chose to pump the term like a crack pusher in the 80's. They knew what they were doing. The term will always be a bug bear until ms fixes up and improves their output and ethos

gangsta_red271d ago


I never argued exclusives or it's term but let's be honest, the word "exclusive" has now taken on a whole new relevancy as of late and is now only used as some type of chest beating or fan bashing. It doesn't even matter if the game is good's just "is it exclusive?"

- MS needs more games!!
MS announces games
- But those games are on PC!!!

It's almost as if MS saying exclusive that much as ranger claims was a direct satire of what is being talked about so much on the net.

Servbot41271d ago Show
Septic271d ago

Well to be fair to them, all E3 shows were pretty meh last year. Sony's show was pretty shit. Nintendo's was the better of the bunch with Microsoft coming second. But yeah the overuse of exclusive didn't help.

Let's see what they do this year.

OB1Biker271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

Indeed it's also the way they were saying it that was hilarious. Personally I watch Ms conference for the multiplat so if there's even more that's cool with me.
That 'ever' marketing thing is getting old though.

FinalFantasyFanatic271d ago


In the event they actually do have an "exclusive" I actually want, I can get it on my high end PC, but they actually need to have some games to show off this year.

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SpaceRanger272d ago ShowReplies(1)
OffRoadKing271d ago

"the word "exclusive" has now taken on a whole new relevancy as of late and is now only used as some type of chest beating or fan bashing."

The same can be said for console power and resolution.

gangsta_red271d ago

The same can be said for anything, but that's not really the point now is it?

Funny how one comment of me saying "Hoping this years E3 is good" turns into a console battle royal.

OffRoadKing271d ago

No the same cant be said for anything and that wasn't the comment I was replying to and you know it.

gangsta_red271d ago

"...and that wasn't the comment I was replying to.."

Lol, that's pretty much the point I'm making right?

mark_parch271d ago

How can a comment saying 'hope this years e3 is good' on a gaming site have more downvotes than upvotes. a comment like that shouldn't have any downvotes. what's wrong with the community on here

Rachel_Alucard271d ago

Users with notorious behavior tend to get downvoted even for the mundane comments

gangsta_red271d ago

Maybe people are hoping this year's E3 is bad?