GameOver: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

Review by Adam Fleet:

"Who among us hasn't tried to use The Force on occasion? Remote control just out of reach? Use The Force! Hell, if Yoda can make the X-Wing rise you should at least be able to retrieve six ounces of plastic from the far side of the couch. Or maybe use that Jedi mind trick on the cop writing you a speeding ticket? "This is not the jalopy you are looking for, officer. Move along." Sadly it proves to be much more difficult than the movies would lead us to believe. Fortunately here in the 21st century all things can and will be simulated, which brings us to LucasArts' latest Star Wars game, The Force Unleashed.

In The Force Unleashed, you take on the roll of Darth Vader's secret apprentice, a grimy little moppet who goes by the name Starkiller. The story, which takes place between Episodes 3 and 4 of the movies, starts off as pretty standard video game fare with Vader sending you off to smoke some Jedi general, but eventually through a series of twists and turns winds up telling one of the great previously untold tales of the Star Wars universe and should be considered one of the game's real strengths. Sure it falls victim to some of the usual genre contrivances, but for a video game this is pretty decent stuff, and there's plenty here for even a casual Star Wars fan to appreciate."

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Darkseider3690d ago

See the reviews for this game being WAY too low? Seriously it is not perfect by any stretch but it is better than the 70'ish percent scores it has been getting. On a 0-100 scale I would rate it an 85%. I fail to see where all the hatred for this game comes from? Its' combat is fast paced and incredibly satisfying when mixing different force powers and combos. The graphics are excellent and frame rate is solid. The camera sometimes leaves a little to be desired but is far from the worst I have ever experienced. The levels are linear so it does hand hold you some but otherwise a very fun game. Oooh and the story is excellent.