GameOver: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

Review by Stephen Riach:

"Why is it that we, as gamers, have grown tired of Nazis and World War II, yet we still can't enough of aliens and outer space, goblins and the fantasy realm, or zombies and the netherworld? Are zombies that much more likeable than Nazis? Ok, maybe they are. And speaking of creatures that go bump in the night, there's a level in this game that takes place in an abandoned hospital and all I could think of as I slowly made my way through was Gearbox needs to start working on a survival horror game. The atmosphere in this place was scary tense. If they can capture that atmosphere in their upcoming Aliens shooter, look out. But let's get back to the topic at hand, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, because it would be wrong to dismiss this game as just another World War II shooter."

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