Characters we need in Super Smash Bros. Switch

Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Switch and we cannot wait! For that reason we have a list of characters that might possibly appear in our favourite all-star fighting game.

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NorthernFrost277d ago

I can't imagine that Shovel Knight won't be in this game.

Gustertote277d ago

Jet Force Gemini characters?... Maybe not.

gangsta_red276d ago

They should try and get some characters from Sony and MS.

MS can have one of the Battletoads and Sony can do Parappa.

I would love to see Shovel Knight and Rayman

remixx116276d ago

MS possibly but i do not see sony doing this at all, as much as i lime them they dont play nice with others.

Shinox276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

I honestly want to choke this OP for those shady fanboyish comments and his greedy ass

ThePenetrator276d ago

Crash would be good fit for Smash Bros give him his own ammibo and just watch how all the Sony fans boys gonna feel butt hurt