Cross Play, Backwards Compatibility and the Future of the PlayStation Brand

On this weeks episode, The Trophy Room hosts, Joseph and Kyle talks about the newest announcements of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and The Division 2. Fortnite’s newest announcement of Cross play raises one question, why won’t Sony allow PlayStation gamers to play with Xbox gamers? Days Gone getting delayed again, is this a troubling sign? Lastly, leaks are beginning to surface about the PlayStation 5, what are something’s we would like to see from the next generation?

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FallenAngel1984277d ago

I really hope Sony reintegrated backwards compatibility in their next console. I really enjoyed it on PS2 & PS3 and was the reason I initially held off on getting a PS4 for so long until last year

Aceman18277d ago

Love how they say Days Gone been delayed again when in fact it's first delayed was just announced the other day. Man these media types always trying to make something bigger when it's not lol.