SteelSeries' latest gaming headsets are made for the audiophile crowd

SteelSeries says its new Arctis Pro gaming headsets are an "industry first."

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InTheZoneAC271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

For those that have never considered these headsets just know the arctis 7 sounds so much better than my astro a50's or any of the those other "gaming headsets", not to mention don't cause any pain over long sessions, you almost forget they're there.

These feel light on your head, super comfortable, light, sturdy construction.

My only cons are: stock earpads are fairly thin and you may feel the plastic from the headset underneath, so I'd recommend buying some thicker leather earcups and there's no way on ps4 to change game volume and chat volume balance. You'd have to change your balance through the party audio options, no way to do it on the fly like astro's. And no mic monitoring. But the arctis 7's are half the price of the a50's.

I just bought some arctis pro wireless due to having the ability to balance audio, as well as having mic monitoring, basically it has the comfort and sound quality of arctis 7's but with the missing features I was hoping for that the astro's provide. Best of both worlds.