PS3 2.50 and PSP 5.00 will be available Oct. 15

Elixor, community team leader on the official SCEE forums, reveals that both the PS3 and PSP firmware updates will be available tomorrow.

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Pennywise3653d ago

Midnight tonight. Good deal.

UNCyrus3653d ago

Sorry man... But the PSN maintenance downtime is tonight. That's why it was pretty obvious earlier that 2.50 would be released tomorrow, right after the downtime.

Guess you'll just have to wait until 2am like the rest of us :D

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Pennywise3653d ago

Well... as long as when I get home tomorrow I can download it, I am happy. I forgot about maintenance. Usually FW is downloadable @ midnight.

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himdeel3653d ago

...via my PS3 without PlayOn this firmware will be the BEST EVER...for me ^_^

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TheHater3653d ago

any update is a good update. It just help improve the PSN overall

meepmoopmeep3653d ago

wow, so i'll get to turn on my PSP again!
haven't touched it since Crisis Core :(

jamesrocks31473653d ago

i so wish it included private voice chat in game! you would think with giving ps3 the new offical headset they would include it. but however what an update!!!!!!!

BrunoM3653d ago

Sounds like a great update .. im happy with it .. the 2 of them ..

crazy250003653d ago

I honestly thought it would be next week, but this is good looking forward to these enhancements...especially flash 9 (=

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The story is too old to be commented.