A new Prey DLC tease carries an encoded hint

"We cracked the code, so you don't have to."

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stokedAF279d ago

Nice! Give me another reason to boot up this game. I have done everything there is to do and enjoyed it.

HeyNowChillax279d ago

Would like to see a Pro/X1X patch for this game.

Kabaneri279d ago

Pro has had a patch from day 1, it runs at like 1800p.


Sadly. It runs in 1080p but in maxed out graphical settings. I wished they would gor for at least 1440p or some checkerboard resolution.

TheOttomatic91279d ago

Awesome would love to go back to this

TedCruzsTaint279d ago

Possibly my favorite release of 2017. So much freedom to experiment in that one. Very few, proper, experiences that allow that much player agency.

_FantasmA_279d ago

I played the original but passed on this because I saw it go on sale within months of being released and I figure it was because it sucked. But it seems like people really like this so it's definitely on my list.

Chaosdreams278d ago

I get the mentality in that (we get used to a price point and when we see it drastically fall in a small amount of time, it seems odd). That said, Prey is absolutely worth its current price - if you are into its style of gameplay.

It's one of the few games where the overall atmosphere pulled me in like Bioshock. I found myself reading all the little articles you find in the world (and that's something I never do).