SEGA Genesis Collection coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC this May

SEGA is planning to release a new Genesis Collection for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 29 that will include over 50 games.

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SuperSonic91193d ago

Segah Forevah!

This collection is a must have. Its packed with the best games of all time.

Streets of Rage
Gunstar Heroes
Golden Axe

I hope Castlevania and Thunder Force 3 is there too.

Shortsorpants193d ago

This guys biased just look at his name/pic dont listen to his opinion.

Just kidding man im definitely getting it.

EeJLP-193d ago

They should have remastered them and I'd have some potential interest. It's the same nearing 30yr old graphics, 4:3 aspect ratio.. if you're really into 30yr old gaming, then this might be OK, but I'd prefer some significant upgrades to bring them near modern graphical standards.

EeJLP-193d ago

People hate on 'money grab' or 'lazy' frame rate / resolution bump / 16:9 remasters, but then praise 30yr old graphics in 4:3.. makes no sense.

SuperSonic91193d ago


Its okay muh friend. It's okay. Patience.

Its for the new generation of gamers. Let them have a taste of Blast Processing goodness - the greatest games ever made.

I miss Street Fighter CE. I wish they included Megaman Wily Wars but this collection is very welcome.

I heard they are relaunching Shonobi, Altered Beast and Streets of Rage.

fr0sty193d ago

Sometimes slapping a new coat of paint on an old game doesn't work as well as you'd think without altering the gameplay as well. Some of us would just like to play the games we grew up playing, exactly as they were when we played them. If the price is right, I'm in.

ErogeMaster192d ago

Sonic brain fast and sonichu come to mind.

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isarai194d ago

I would legit punt a puppy for a Vita version/release

gamingunited193d ago

Well... I would never hurt an animal but it seems like a good fit for portable consoles.

Darth Gamer193d ago

I too could never hurt an animal but that comment made me chuckle!

RosweeSon193d ago

Vita already has a genesis collection well the PSP does and you can download it through the store ;)

isarai193d ago

Doesn't have as many games as this one though, no gunstar heroes, no toejam and earl, no beyond oasis

ZaWarudo193d ago

No Switch? it would be the perfect fit.

CobraKai193d ago

I woulda picked it up easy.

PhoenixUp193d ago

It’d be great if Sega started getting into the habit of releasing physical collections of Saturn and Dreamcast games as well.

Segata193d ago

Sadly they lost the source for Saturn games and SS is pretty difficult to emulate. SEGA just doesn't want to bother but I agree.

Mista2018193d ago

What do you mean by "they lost the source"? They can't emulate their own 1st party Saturn and Dreamcast games??

Segata193d ago


Japan was bad about keeping games code in the 90s. SS is just really difficult to emulate so SEGA doesn't bother with it

TheCommentator193d ago

Yeah, I remember how much more powerful it was than PS1, but they used the 2D processors as a way of texture mapping 3D objects and it was a real pain to program for. Saturn's potential was never realized because of the difficulty that came along with programming for it, and it also made emulation difficult as well.

At least we get to play games with Blast Processing again!

Teflon02193d ago

Yep, I remember Square lost the source files for the Kingdom Hearts games on ps2. I believe for the ps3 collections they used a disc and remade the game using the assets etc they got. If I remember correct

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chaos-emeralds193d ago

I'd just love remasters, especially panzer dragoon

Tetsujin193d ago

And release collections of Sega CD, on top of Game Gear.

Minute Man 721193d ago

Yes give me Sword of the Beserk. I believe that's the name

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lociefer193d ago

R u kidding me ? This screams switch.. id rather get that for my switch rather than my ps4

PhoenixUp193d ago

Genesis does what Nintendont

SuperSonic91193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Is it payback time?
Maybe Nintendo have them on Virtual Console.