Crackdown 3, Will it Still be Released?

Gamerheadquarters; "With an extended development cycle, missed release goals and constant delays, is Crackdown 3 still releasing?"

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FallenAngel1984278d ago

It’d be very embarrassing for Microsoft if it didn’t

rainslacker277d ago

I think after MS made it a pivotal part of it's early marketing, they would receive a lot of flack for cancelling it now.

Hopefully, if they are still working on it, they took the feedback from the terrible game play showing, and are working to improve it.

darthv72277d ago

I got a feeling it's releasing later this year. Possibly in November and at E3 they will be showing off the more complete build with improved lighting, textures and particle effects.

DigitalRaptor277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

This game would get more flack for releasing without being the justified example of cloud-driven gaming that they've made it the poster child for.

It's probably good that it's been delayed from last year, because it looked like absolute trash last time they showed it. This is probably the most pivotal XB1 game of the generation, but it could absolutely expose MS for their initial marketing of their box this gen, or be the thing that redeems it and sends some positive momentum their way.

rainslacker276d ago


It's possible. I can understand why MS would be hesitant to show it given the reception after the last showing. They have a lot riding on the game. It's a game that under normal circumstances would have been fine as a mid-tier title. Probably would have had the standard fan boy ribbing, but can't really help that. But given the expectations of cloud compute that MS put out there, they have a lot to prove with the title. I think if the game is bad, and even if they nail the cloud compute, the cloud compute stuff will be ignored. If the game is good or great, but they don't really deliver on the cloud compute, then they'll have a hard time with the community, and it'd be harder for many to put faith in anything they claim again. MS needs the game to be good, and to deliver on cloud compute, and that's a tall order.

GtPawnSacrifices276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

It’s already confirmed as part of the Game Pass line up. & with Sea of Thieves this launching on the 20th this month, State of Decay 2 on the 22nd of May. I can’t see it launching before July 20.
But in either case, should be at e3 100%

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Septic277d ago

Oh yeah for sure. Worse than Scalebound because of the cloud tech promise riding on it.

I wonder how much they can do to improve the title in whatever time it takes for this to be completed, if it's being worked on

Relientk77277d ago

Game looks awful, but I don't think Microsoft can cancel another game.

277d ago
Kribwalker277d ago


Just like FP16 closing the gap and making the Pro a 8.4TF machine? Tell that to the Vermintide 2 devs and their 1440p output on the pro right? Snake Oil 😜

Aenea277d ago


1) MS marketed the crap out of the power of the cloud
2) it never is and never will be as many people imagined due to 1)
3) Sony never ever said that FP16 would make the Pro a 8.4Tf machine, yes, Cerny said it, but you really do have to add the context in which he said it, that it can't be used for everything so that 8.4Tf is impossible for any game
4) FP16 is actually something that exists and can be used by every developer with ease, unlike the fabled "power of the cloud"

Krib, you do realise you're sounding more and more like one of those fanatical Xbox fanboys, right? I hope GamePass adds some more games soon so you have something else to occupy your time with...

277d ago
Kribwalker277d ago

1) We haven’t seen what it can do yet. I know it’s been taking way longer then it should have to come out but in the form they are using it takes time to develope. It’s not here yet, so i can understand it being mocked, but it still has potential to work.
2) It still could. Never Say never. You and Ziggur both said Crash Bandicoot Remaster would never be on xbox one, You said destiny 2 would never be native 4k on the oneX. Both times you guys were wrong.
3) Cerny is the lead architect working for sony. If he says he designed the system to be able to run at 8.4tf with FP16 who would we trust? It’s the same thing as saying MS never said the power of the cloud, That was Don Mattick or other guys that work for MS
4) The power of the cloud is real and can be used by any dev. The application MS is using it for is new, but there’s plenty of Cloud use already in use with multiple games. Hell there was an article recently where people were listing off games that use cloud processing.

have a peak. We are already seeing Cloud processing in Sea Of Thieves

Aenea you do realize you are sounding more and more like someone that will do anything they can to discredit anything positive towards xbox and it’s fans. It’s a bad look for you

Aenea277d ago (Edited 277d ago )


Wait! What? Now you're including me in the Crash Bandicoot argument? I never said that I thought it was a PS4 exclusive. I do remember saying that the box didn't include "only on PlayStation" on it, etc., etc.

Why do you keep spreading lies about people? Can't win an argument, then spread crap around? Tells me a lot about what kind of person you are, hint: it's not pretty...

And no, the PR about the cloud was nonsense, it can and will never be able to make the Xbox One more powerful than a stock PS4, if it would be able to why even release a One X???? Yes, certain things can be done on servers, something which I've been shouting from the rooftops when this whole things first started, but also tried to temper expactations, people thinking that it could do real-time stuff like shadows and lighting, not possible, which is what the MS PR made it sound to be like, limitless power due to the cloud.
And it's cute as all heck that you, an Xbox fan, are going to say that plenty of games already use server side processing, since that is what I and many other logical thinkers on this site have been saying from the beginning but then Xbox fans wouldn't see that it was the same thing, 'cos this is MS, it's much more than that! Nope, it's not...

Besides, Cloudgine, the tech behind it all has been bought by Epic Games.... Makes perfect sense if you know anything how Fortnite (and the Unreal Engine) works (every little thing you do is going thru the server, switching weapon? check with server first, etc.)

Oh please, that 8.4Tf thing is 100% true 'cos it actually can do 8.4 tera floating point operations per second at 16 bits, it's not a lie, it's correct. Just a game is never going to be able to do ALL floating point ops with FP16 which was also mentioned in the same article. You and other fanatics are making things up to fit your agenda, once again!

And your dig at me is funny as all heck! Look at my posts of the past month or so, look at the amount, look at how many are negative towards Xbox. Also, take a deep hard look at my posts that you feel are negative towards Xbox, are they really just negative just to be negative or is there logic behind it all? But am sure you probably don't see it that way.

You're starting to sound desperate tho Krib, go play a game...

Obscure_Observer277d ago


"The infinite power of DA CLOUD was bullshit then and its bullshit now.... which is why the Xbox One X exists. Sorry you bought the stupid marketing... but its nonsense."

Cloudengine was purchased by Epic so, either Epic and MS executives are pretty dumb, or you´re the smartest guy in the room. We might find out soon at E3.

"We are excited to see gaming experiences get better with cloud-computing becoming part of UE4. Also, a sincere thanks for both studios' work done in partnership with MS Studios to build the cloud-powered technology in "Crackdown 3" from scratch.

Work continues on "Crackdown 3" and is not impacted by this news. We look forward to sharing more on "Crackdown 3" and having fans get their hands on the game when it launches later this year."


Obscure_Observer277d ago


Kribwalker did not lied when he call you out on your statements regarding the X though. You did said alot of things that turnout to be nonsense about the X. Destiny 2 at Native 4K on the X is just one exemple. There´s plenty.

MS did a lot of PR regarding the cloud, but i don´t remember they saying that the Cloud would make the og Xbox One more powerfull than a stock PS4. This is made up stuff by PS fanboys or do you have actual proof?

pinkcrocodile75277d ago


What part of cloud compute "Does Not Exist"?

This seems a flawed argument, we have seem cloud compute in action and while the cell shading didn't look too great at last years E3, it seems more likely that MS have delayed the game in order to remedy the graphics where it looks crappy and fine tune the cloud compute based on gamer feedback.

Personally I think my solution seems more likely than your supposition that they are selling snake iol and it'll probably be cancelled because the technology doesn't exist.

Just saying

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The Wood277d ago

I see a lot of fluff back and forth. I see people diluting the hype and hope that was heaped on the cloud with crackdown as it's spearhead.

5 years later and people are still arguing on the side of pr nonsense. You can pick the bones out of people's statements but the non proof is there for all to see. . . 🤔

Ms needed something to appease their fans whilst bide their time until they came up with a real leveler. From direct x to hidden gpu or whatever to the cloud. Ms blew smoke up it's fans rear ends

rainslacker276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

They could if they really felt it would be too much of a money sink in the end. A GaaS type game like CD3 would require ongoing support and that requires resources and money. The reason it would be cancelled is to cut their losses.

They'd receive a ton of criticism for it, and I can't see how anyone could take them at their word after cancelling it given the game was supposed to show off the cloud, but they'd ignore the criticism like they did with Scalebound, and move on.

At this point, I don't think it's cancelled. If it is, then I assume it won't be announced until after SoT, but before E3, hopefully with something to show at E3 which will make people forget about it.


Except Sony never marketed FP16 except to mention it, and one time where Cerny talked about it theoretically about what it meant in a simple way. You're twisting Cerny's comment into something he never meant to imply. he just used a simple explanation of what FP16 was, not that all games would actually run at that speed.

On top of that, games are already using FP16 on PS4P. It's not misdirection, it's already in practice.

Anyone who took the FP16 to actually make the system a 8TF machine were either idiots, or completely ignorant of how games are developed.

That being said, if by chance, a games processes could all be made using 16 bit floating point, then it could indeed process 8.4 TFlops of data, and would outpace the X1X that doesn't support it. Since that isn't possible, it won't be a 8.4 TF machine.

Aenea276d ago (Edited 276d ago )


I said Cloudgine, not cloud engine, obscure made the booboo, not me...


Haha, yeah, Sony fans were shouting from rooftops that the Xbox One would be way more powerful than the PS4 when it would use the power of the cloud! Makes total sense!


If MS exactly said it in those words or not, it was interpreted by Xbox fans like that all around. Hence why I say that what Xbox fans believed (and perhaps still do) about the cloud is false.

I never, ever said that cloud compute isn't real or can't be done, heck, I've tried to explain to Xbox fans on this very website what they can expect to work and what not, I even used Crackdown 3 as the example!

TLDR; things that need to be calculated as fast as possible to be displayed can't be done with cloud compute, things like shooting a rocket at a building can, the time between firing it and the building collapsing is long enough to send data back and forth to a server on time to have the physics calculated of the collapsing building.

But nope, here you and others are trying to make it sound I told lies and wasn't all logical about all of this!

Being logical and thinking about how things might be isn't lying, it's speculating on what things we know, not sure why Xbox fans seem to think that speculating equates to lying all of a sudden...

And bringing up my underestimation of One X's power is silly, I still was mostly correct, it won't do native 4k on ALL games which I've been shouting from the rooftops from the beginning. I do, however, was surprised it does a few more games in native 4k than I anticipated...


I never once said cloud compute doesn't exist, I even mentioned Cloudgine didn't I? I even, in the past, mentioned many, many games using something similar, heck I was ridiculed when I said any platform (even the PS4) could use such techniques, but nope, the X1 had 'special tech' inside to support it (nonsense)!

I also mentioned recently that Fortnite, running on Unreal Engine for which Epic bought Cloudgine, does a crapload on the server, a simple switching of a weapon goes thru the server!

What you say about the delay is possible. I also think they might have issues with the MP in many a country due to not having enough (or any) local servers. Perhaps they had to roll out more servers and/or optimise the tech further to give most people a good experience. Perhaps they focused too much on the cloud stuff and took the extra time to add in support for when the cloud can't work in certain areas due to crap internet speeds, etc., etc. We don't know, we can only speculate. But I shouldn't say that with Krib/obscure/gangsta around, they might call me a liar! :)

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ElementX277d ago

It will release with improved graphics

denawayne277d ago

So they delayed it for what reason then? Just wondering

r2oB277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

@ denawayne

They could have delayed it for any number of reasons. Make improvements, a better release window, temper expectations, increase hype... who knows. Improving graphics isn’t always the reason. To be honest, I wouldn’t expect any relevant improvements in visuals either. The game doesn’t look visually impressive at all, the style looks antiquated and not very AAA-esque. That’s not to say the game won’t be fun, obviously that won’t be known until it’s released.

EDIT: I think the game will be released. At this point it has to, for better or worse. Cancelling the game, which I don’t think is going to happen, would just damage Microsoft’s rep worse than if the game doesn’t do well.

The_Jackel277d ago

could be plenty of reasons, cloud not working properly across all xbones and pc, problems with game mechanics, problems with the base xbo with it dropping massively in performance (fps ect), online isn't working how it should be.... these are examples not the actual things that they may have delayed it for. seeing as you seem to have just pointed to the graphics. but could also be graphics enhancements but wouldn't really be that i wouldn't think

denawayne277d ago

MS was showing of a playable demo of this game like it was ready to be released. After the backlash about how the graphics were weak, MS suddenly delayed it. Coincidence?

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slavish0277d ago

they r focusing on sea of these & now putting energy in sod. Once SoT is out i be we hear something. this is just like the sod articles when we didn't hear anything two months ago saying we need to worry. more fake news. hey, nothing to report lets make something to report. smh

Araragifeels 277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

But they haven't mentioned Crackdown 3 ever since there last conference which was more than 5 months with no update plus no beta. Can't really compare it Sea of thieves since the beta got released and keep getting updates mostly. I believe Crackdown 3 is having development issue since the same Studio who is doing Crackdown 3 is making Dead Island 2. Dead Island 2 had 2 delay, haven't been updated since then, and have development issue. The studio probably got too much on their hand since also help making Forza games, and is working another Xbox Exclusive.

aconnellan277d ago

I agree that they’re most likely having development issues, but with not having heard info for 5 months I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt - we hadn’t heard anything for State of Decay and got a massive info dump, price details, and release date

pinkcrocodile75277d ago

So the lack of news is reason enough to make up and sh!t you want?

Don't be soft

Araragifeels 277d ago

@pinkcrocodile75 How I am making this up. The studio is obviously working on too many games at the same time. Dead Island 2 and Crackdown 3 delay with no news but they also working on Forza, and another Xbox Exclusive called Project Nova so obviously they going to have development issue. You can search up the information the games that Sumo Digital are working on right now.

_-EDMIX-_277d ago

Different development teams

mark_parch277d ago

100% agree. we didn't hear a thing about state of decay 2 after e3 until now so my guess is after sea of thieves has released and we are closer to state of decay 2 release they will start to talk about crackdown 3. I think they will show the multiplayer at e3. I think a lot of people will be disappointed with the multiplayer. it's called wrecking zone and it's only set in a small area with two large buildings, first team to destroy the other teams building wins. problem is some people think it's going to be an entire destructible city

ShottyatLaw277d ago

If you go back to the Amazon "leaks" from a few months back, they were right bout SOD2's date. The same leak put CD3 for an end of June release.

I expect the beta to go live before or during E3.

BeOpenMinded277d ago

I literally just thought the same thing with state of decay 2. I was thinking it was going to get delayed as not even hearing a peep until the ign articles. May hear a torrent of information a few months before release similarly. I also thought Terry Cruz taking the lead role may have extended development as well as that was a late addition

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81BX277d ago

Bet you have nightmares of your cellmate

Moonman277d ago

His name is Microsoft! lol

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