Devil May Cry 5 Needs to Come Out, Like, Yesterday

Twinfinite Writes: It's been a long time since we've seen a new entry in the Devil May Cry series. A new entry needs to come out pronto if it wants to capitalize on Capcom's success.

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isarai277d ago

Wont happen, Capcom sold the rights to the series to some random mobile game studio

Godmars290275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

That site is total crap. Also no indication that full rights were sold or just rights for a mobile game.

That Dante was in the last MvC, makes an appearance in Monster Hunter, also suggest you're wrong.

Though there is a trailer:

Teflon02275d ago

Personally I like DmC better than 4 by far. So I'd rather DmC2. Bring on the downvotes

ThanatosDMC275d ago

Couldnt downvote fast enough and then report as spam.

TheOttomatic91275d ago


Here’s your downvote

Einhander1971275d ago

Agreed Dmc is a great game, I have devil may cry 4 it was good but not amazing.

Seraphim275d ago

I thought DMC 4 was great. The real problem *10 year old spoiler* was that you essentially went through the game forwards then backwards. That and people hating on Nero. Overall though I really enjoyed it. I'd take DMC 3 or Ninja Theorys' DMC over it any day of the week but in it's own right it was a solid game. I'd say even the OG DMC but honestly, that's best left as a memory. The era of making rooms to small and bad camera angles....

Not sure when Ninja Theorys DMC dropped but it has been quite some time. SO yeah, we're definitely due for a new DMC. And we're long overdue for an Onimusha reboot.

Relientk77275d ago

Wait for the reveal at E3

gangsta_red275d ago

Not if it in the same style as DmC4, I love that game but the part where you play the game in reverse was complete BS.

Teflon02275d ago

That was literally one of the reasons I actually hate 4 so much

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