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SquareXO Writes: It’s always difficult to review remastered games, especially in the case of Burnout Paradise, a game which I put so much time into that I probably wore out a few controllers along the way. So what better way to review the remaster than to capture the excitement I had the first time around.

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Retroman276d ago

Wow!!! never played Burnout , look exciting compare to need for speed last 3 Crapfest game's.

chris235276d ago

how can a 10 year old game get the nintendo score of 10/10? a bit much fanboyism, no? a 5/10 in 2018 should be the rating. there are much better racers out there these days.

KingTrash276d ago

I’ve been playing the remaster and I still think it’s the greatest racing game of all time.

Prince-Ali276d ago

that has gt to be one of the stupidest comments i've read in my life... you're actually a dumbass if this is your actual opinion looool.... theres not a SINGLE racer that offers the content, location and sense of Speed and gameplay that Burnout Paradise offers... you must be trolling because you cat be serious loool

InTheZoneAC276d ago

I platinumed paradise on ps3, but since this is basically a PC port and EA is attached I won't be giving them a penny for this. Might buy a used copy later, but I can't support EA anymore

Darkwatchman276d ago

It’s not basically a pc port and this video proves that

InTheZoneAC275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Regardless it looks very similar. Again, great game, but it doesn't look like it's justifying the price over the copy I already have. A $15-$20 price would've been more reasonable.

OffRoadKing276d ago

I'm sorry you cant give a game a perfect ten and then have a list of cons.

Prince-Ali276d ago

depends on the cons... no..?

InTheZoneAC275d ago

Try reading his comment again, but I agree that nothing should ever be a 10/10

OffRoadKing275d ago

No because in my opinion if a game is "perfect" it wouldn't have any cons.

NeoGamer232275d ago

I don't know how a remaster that was not built from the ground up for the capabilities of this generation's console gets a 10/10. Last of Us and Gears of War Ultimate are the gold stars for remasters this generation. Every other remaster should be measured on the standard...

My understanding is that this is more a port of a good game then it is a remaster. Going forward it would be nice if Port, Remaster, and Remake were defined and then followed by the industry.

Capcom ported deadriisings and resident evils to this generation. EA ported burnout paradise to this generation. A remaster should mean that they went in and re-did the graphics of the game to the current generation from the ground up (More objects, greater fidelity, upgraded shading, etc.). Remakes are when the game gets remade from the ground up... Final Fantasy VII, Shadow of the Colossus.