State of Decay 2's Xbox One X Enhancements Detailed

Got an Xbox One X? Then find out how your monster console is going to spruce up the zombie-survival action-RPG.

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Obscure_Observer10d ago

Day One on X! Ultimate Edition!

aawells0710d ago

Apparently some of the kids here disagree that you're getting the game. Lmao. Some people are so childish over video games.

cigi10d ago

you left a bit out....

denser foliage, detailed shadows, depth of light from farther distances, and more detailed character models. It makes the world feel more crisp, vibrant, and like real life. And of course, it lets us run the game in 4k and HDR, which a lot of fans are excited about.

Automatic7911d ago

Definitely day one purchase.

81BX10d ago

Yes. Day fun for me, as well!

mark_parch10d ago

day one on game pass for me, can't wait

Cy10d ago

This and Sea of Thieves is more than worth renewing my GamePass subscription.

maybelovehate10d ago

Does coop work with crossplay? Can I play on PC with friends on Xbox

timotim10d ago

Yes! You use your Xbox/Microsoft account to log into the game on both platforms...same features on both. Send an invite to anyone else on Xbox Live, connect and you're off 🐱‍💻

maybelovehate10d ago

Nice, I know Sea of Thieves works like this, wasn't sure SOD did.

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