10 Fighters We Want to See in Super Smash Bros. Switch

Wondering what characters will show up in Super Smash Bros. Switch when it arrives later this year?

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Nerdmaster195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

If they put every one who was present in Wii U/3DS versions (including DLC characters) plus Inklings, I would already be satisfied. My biggest fear is not being able anymore to play a match of Mario vs Mega Man vs Pac Man vs Ryu vs Bayonetta vs Cloud vs Sonic...

Although seeing a "Princess Weach" (or another Princess Peach evil counterpart) would be interesting.

UhDewSea195d ago

Nah. They realistically won't include everyone. They should strip away non essential characters (Ike, game and watch, lucina, robin, ROB, toon link, Dr Mario, duck hunt) then build from there. It's not always about adding everything. I care about QUALITY over QUANTITY. look at budokai tenkaichi series. 80+ characters but most of them are bad and pointless. I don't want the game to be cheap feeling. I want it to be fun and competitive and the characters to be diverse.

You can't please everyone and I know that people like weird characters like cranky kong and others, but you got to be realistic. They're not going to add your favorite side character from a one off Mario game.

Nerdmaster195d ago

The "Princess Weach" part was just a nod to the article, who put "her" in the list.