Market Will See More Upgrades Like PS4 Pro And Xbox One X, Says Starpoint Gemini Dev

Pandora's Box has been opened with the release of the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro- in that the consoles are representative of a new paradigm for the console market.

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darthv72276d ago

I can already foresee there being mid gen upgrades for the PS5 and XB4. I may forgo getting them at launch and wait until the mid gen refresh to pick up both like I did with PS4 and XBO.

TheCommentator275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

MS doesn't do generational consoles anymore. When "XB4" comes out, it becomes the lead platform and all your games go with you. XB1 will probably get phased out at that point, leaving the 1X as the budget console. The 1X architecture is quite different from the XB1; it doesn't even use the same memory architecture.

Sony doesn't have that luxury in this generation because the Pro is just a more powerful PS4. Same everything just more of it. I have heard rumors that PS5 is possibly BC, but it will require dedicated HW or an emulator. Sony will be stuck with a mid gen upgrade with the PS5 if they can't find a way to run their games on a Hypervisor like MS currently does.

jhoward585276d ago

I think Sony and MS introduced their mid-gen refresh because they wanted to keep up with the PC market like the article states. But this move by MS/Sony wouldn't have been possible if 4k tv wasn't affordable. So it's likely we won't get another mid-gen refresh from Sony/MS because 6k/8K tv will be too expensive and required lots of processing power at a very high cost. The only solution I think Sony/MS has is add a very fast upscaler chip( that's capable of outputting res up to 5k/6k.