UGO: Saints Row 2 Review (360/PS3/PC)

People are going to be very divided on Volition's Saints Row 2, published by THQ for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. Hell, they're already divided on Saints Row 2 and the game has barely been released. It's not a question of 'good vs. bad' either; but rather "is it better or worse than Grand Theft Auto?" We're here to tell you that it is neither.

Saints Row 2 is a wholly different beast from GTA. If one were to compare it to any game in that other series, it most closely mirrors San Andreas. But where Carl Johnson's saga offered a shift towards more mundane, real-world connections, Saints Row 2 heads in the opposite direction by delivering such blatantly over-the-top satire that it borders on parody. That was pretty much the point of the first game and things are elevated to the Nth degree in this sequel, with more missions and activities, more city to explore and more gangs. Oh, and your created character can talk. How far we've come…

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rroded3686d ago

WAs really hoping this one would be bug free sigh...
guess ill wait for some real gamer reviews to see if its more playable than the first one.