Happy Anniversary, Bloodborne

This month marks Bloodborne's third anniversary, and so what better time to take a look back on what made it so brilliant?

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Deep-throat4d ago

Too many Bloodborne articles lately...

Elda4d ago

That's a very good thing knowing the game is available to play at this very moment for anyone that has a PS4 & PS+.

Dragonscale3d ago

Yeah its nearly as bad as all the phil spenser says articles right \s. There's practically one a day fgs.

Elda4d ago

Happy Anniversary Bloodborne!!

Leeroyw4d ago

One of the best games I've ever played. And I normally play games on easy....

Yeah. I'm ashamed of myself. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?

Elda4d ago

Don't be ashamed,I'll do easy in a minute! I don't have the patience when some games are extremely difficult & you just can't seem to get further in the game.

nucky643d ago

right now, I'd say yes.....but RDR2 is coming.

nucky643d ago

just beat it again since it was free on plus - and still had a blast playing the game.